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Jan. 9th, 2014 09:31 pm
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1. I'm moving to the DCU come February. Watch out Gotham, here I come! All joking aside, I'll be spending the second semester of this year in Dublin City University, so if anyone wants to meet up or has any rcs on things to see or whatever, pleas let me know.

2. I wrote 5 ficlets for [community profile] fandom_stocking . I wanted to draw some things, but I couldn't get them scanned.

3. I got a card for [community profile] trope_bingo :

chosen familyau: college / highschoolslavefictwenty-four hours to liveau: historical
meet the parents / familylanguage and translationcelebratory kissindecent proposalmatchmaker
rivals to loversfriends to lovers / friends with benefitsFREE

time travelau: other
coming out (of the closet)role reversalfirst time / last timeagainst all oddsdeathfic
trapped in a dreamtransformationsforbidden fruitau: romance noveltelepathy / mindmeld

Does anyone have any ideas? I got nothing.

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I've quit medschool for various reasons and joined a engineering school specialised in Informatics/Electronics. They have a program designed for people switching half-way through the year that covers the entire first year program so the year isn't lost.

I've started learning programming and I LOVE IT.

We use CodeBlocks and I made this, a program (C file) that calculates the date of easter Monday on any given year between 1901 and 2099.

I'm alive

Jan. 24th, 2012 12:48 pm
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I finally remembered my livejournal account password.

Brief summary of the last year and a half or so: Medschool is going meh, I've started watching Supernatural, Lost Girl, Leverage, Eternal Law, Sherlock and continued watching Doctor Who. and Torchwood. I've read dozens of books (if not more) and hundreds of fics (again, probably more). I've read comics. I've not drawn as much as I would like. I've written upwards of 30k words but have not finished more than one or two things (oops).

That's mostly it, really.

The (slightly) more detailed version )

Not dead

Apr. 5th, 2010 01:43 pm
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Now that I have both the time and the internet to do this, let me tell you about the last 2 weeks.

Prom: There was a problem with the tux: they hadn't registered the reservation so I couldn't get one, but I made do with some of what was in my closet, which turned out pretty okay.

I was half an hour late, but still the first one there.

Prom was fairly alright, except at the end when I had to cheer up 2 or 3 different depressed people, get shouted on by another (and told to excuse her because she had a "good excuse", which quite frankly wasn't and goddammit she told me to "FUCK OFF" twice when I was just asking if she was okay, and AAAAAAAAAARRGggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh....), and had to take care of a drunken, throwing-up friend of someone in my class whose name I don't even know.

The next Monday I had to get an MRI for my ankle problem. Like the X-ray and the echography it didn't show anything.

So I'm going to have a needle inserted in my foot to inject me with a cocktail of anesthetics and painkillers next Friday.

Also exams, EXAMS, EXAAAAAAAAAAAAMS, somebody save me please (or build me a time-machine).
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Okay, so my school has a Prom. (We're probably the only ones in Paris, but whatever.)

Prom is next Saturday at 10PM.

I do not have a dress. No prom dress, no regular dress, no dress PERIOD.

I NEVER wear dresses, because it's waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone. As is cleavage and bare legs and/or arms. I don't really want to spend money on something I'll wear once, so I was thinking of going in a tux. Is it acceptable?

I've held a poll among people I know: Yes: 4; No: 3; Double-check dress code: 1.

Help me please?


Feb. 9th, 2010 09:43 pm
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You know what? My ankle was supposed to be fixed by now.  Except it's not. It's actually worse than ever and I have to go get an X-Ray and an echography because that's "unusual".

In other news, my friend who had left home is now back in school and back home, I feel like punching some of my classmates in the head especially two of them, exams are coming up, so are holidays,"Sherlock Holmes" looks like a good movie, a friend just bought a (genuine) Swedish army coat (now we match!), I have to beta another friend's poems and short stories, my mom is done watching re-runs of Friends and I love my Physics teacher's tie. Same old, same old.

What about you?

Quick note

Jan. 19th, 2010 09:49 pm
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Just so you guys know I'm not dead, it's just that RL has been... difficult lately.

This is due mostly to exams and my ankle getting twisted.

ALSO, one of my best friends has disappeared almost 2 weeks ago.
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Due to family/personal reasons, I am going to have a very spotty access to Internet/a computer for next couple of weeks.

I apologise in advance if it is going to look like I'm dead, and for not talking to you guys. I'm going to miss you, because you're all awesome.

Hopefully, this won't show too much. (Lunchtime breaks, anyone?)
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That was the film we went to see yesterday with my German class.

I didn't like it. Some people in my clas did however, so I guess it's all down to opinion. It's in black and white and about the Protestant extremism in Austria before World War 1(apparently). People get beaten to death and it is strongly implied that a girl gets raped by her father (Guess what? I used to know the girl that plays her. Never thought I'd see her again, especially in these circumstances). Oh and a boy gets tied to his bed.

The one good point is the character of Rudi. He's so cute!

On other news, I am now officially a Baccalauréat candidate. I have also figured out why my scanner is not working (it would be more accurate to say that I've found a way around it: it involves my old computer and the shuffling of many an USB key)


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