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Semi final 2

"He's like the internet. In shoes!"
The folk-y remix of previous winners is pretty cool.
Aw, he's speaking French! And doing a pretty good job, too.

Serbia "In too deep": Are the people on the screen drowning? :O
Austria "Running on Air": It's the boy from Dreamworks all grown up!
F.Y.R. Macedonia "Dance Alone": Very cyberpunk-esque. Anyone else getting Blade Runner flashbacks?
Malta "Breathlessly": A traditional Eurovision ballad.
Romania "Yodel It!": Is she going to do any singing or just yodeling? She does sing! And at least it sounds different.
Netherlands "Lights and Shadows": sparkle sparkle! They sound good.
Hungary "Origo": He's singing in his own language! The stage is on fire!
Denmark "Where I Am": I like it.
Ireland "Dying to Try": He sounds twelve. So many children this year. He should have flown off at the end.
Latveria "Glory of Doom": Didn't they already send this act last year?
San Marino "Spirit of the Night": Dressed as superheroes in the intro, cool.
Croatia "My Friend": He seems sweet. I like the rock & opera mix. He has so many different voices!
Norway "Grab the Moment": With DJs straight from Mandalore!
Switzerland "Apollo": That is a very yellow dress.
Belarus "Historyja majho žyccia": They look like they're getting married. Sailor Moon hair! I love it. First Eurovision song in Belarussian!
Bulgaria "Beautiful Mess": Also a child. Love the androgynous look. It's very Kpop-esque.
Lithuania "Rain of Revolution": Meh.
Estonia "Verona": They're doing a Romeo and Juliet thing.
Israel "I Feel Alive": His shirt is not tight enough. Nice smile!

Verka: Always great. Aw, there's a Verka cosplayer in the public.
I have no idea what this dance number is about.

Finalists: Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary, Denmark, Israel, Romania, Norway, Netherlands, Austria
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EUROVISION 2017: Semi final 1!

Sweden "I can't go on": Honestly? Meh. Looks like an ad for a suit company.
Georgia "Keep the faith": wtf is she wearing.
Australia "Don't come easy": Is he twelve? He looks twelve. Oh hey he's Aboriginal, that's cool! I'm dubious about the staging (giant pictures of his own face, really?), but the song's pretty nice.
Albania "World": I like the clock motif 'For the life of me I refuse to be anything but free' nice
Belgium "City lights": She is also twelve :|a LOVE her voice! The song/orchestration and staging are both very bare in the best possible way and I love it.
Montenegro "Space": He has hella long hair. wtf is that camera work
Finland "Black bird": Meh.
Azerbaijan "Skeletons": I understand nothing about this.
Portugal "Amar pelos dois": He's the only one to sing in his country's language? Sad. Nice song, though.
Greece "This is love": She does look a lot like Nolwenn Leroy! Such weird staging, omg. Love is two half-naked dudes making a heart.
Poland "Flashlight": 'shadows in love' sounds like a story prompt
Moldova "Sunstroke Project": World's most famous saxophonist! I like it -- and the black and white colour scheme -- but I feel like I've heard it somewhere before.
Iceland "Paper": The 'most gay-friendly' of tonight's candidates apparently.
Czech Republic "My turn": I like her voice.
Cyprus "Gravity": It grew on me.
Armenia "Fly with me": The stage is on fire!
Slovenia "On my way": Bleh.
Latvia "Line": I greatly dislike her hair.

Verka retrospective: I like.
New Jamala song: Actual chills.

Finalists: Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Moldova, Cyprus, Armenia
Sounds good.
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Unpopular Eurovision opinion: I liked the UK song from last year.

Belgium: Bored.
Czech Republic: It's cute.
Netherlands: I like the clock floor.
Azerbaidjan: I like it! Nice lightshow and costumes.
Hungary: Whistling! And one the drummers from Mad Max.
Italy: It's cute, but I like the Italian parts more than the English ones.
Isreal: This is 100% what Billy Kaplan's Eurovision entry would look like, between the hair and the lyrics.
Bulgaria: I LOVE IT! (It is 100% a Pride song, idc.)
Sweden: Eh.
Germany: WHAT.
France: I like the rhymes. (Also, time to play "how many locations in the postcard can I name", lmao.)
Poland: Meh.
Interlude: ???
Australia: Nice dress! Great voice and glitter too.
Serbia: Her dress suits her perfectly. And the song is great.
Lithuania: How very boys band (in a good way!).
Croatia: Glitter dress!
Russia: The wings are awesome -- the staging is pretty great in general, tbh.
Spain: How many contestants have this hairstyle.
Latvia: It's okay.
Ukraine: I'm crying and the staging is great.
Malta: It's fine.
Georgia: My least favourite.
Latveria: Fuck the haters, this one's great.
Austria: Conspiracy theory time, this lovely song is about the refugiee crisis.
Wales: Put some effort in your costuming, guys.
Armenia: I think I liked this one better in the semi.

Unexpected Ian McKellen is unexpected!

My favourites: Italy, Israel, Bulgaria, Australia, Cyprus, Serbia, Ukraine, Latveria and Austria.

Also, I wrote a fic:
Five Seasons in Latveria (1143 words) by sevenofspade
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: X-Factor (Comics)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Layla Miller, Victor von Doom

Life in Doomstadt for Layla Miller.

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If you were wondering what is Eurovision, here's your answer.

I gave up on the French commenters this time, because they never stopped talking last semi-final and I ended up muting them eventually -- and that's how I missed the explanation of what the interlude dance what about.

Eurovision The Musical: WHAT but also omg heeeeeeeeeeee
Latvia: I liked it.
Poland: Great coat!
Switzerland: I love it! And her hair is great.
Israel: Billy Kaplan at the Eurovision! (It's great.)
Belarus: The werewolf entry is lovely.
Taxi: How lovely and Lordi! (Also, naked Måns!)
Serbia: I LOVE THIS ONE. Much like Georgia's last year, it speaks to me. (Less so than Georgia 2015 last year, though.)
Ireland: It's okay. Actually, I quite like it now. It grew on me.
Macedonia: Eh.
Lithuania: Oh no he's cute -- but sadly kept his shirt on.
Slovenia: She looks like Parker. Let's go steal the Eurovision!
Bulgaria: I am choosing to interpret this as a Pride song -- and it's great!
Denmark: EH.
Green room: "Love is still a crime in many parts of the world. I long for the day it is no longer the case" MÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅNS THANK YOU
Ukraine: I cried.
Norway: I love it! And she's so pretty.
Georgia: Bleh.
Albania: Boring.
Belgium: It's very shiny.
Dance interlude: ??? DANCE OFF, ROBOT-BRO

My votes: Latvia, Switzerland, Israel, Serbia, Ireland, Australia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and NORWAY!

Eurovision by the numbers: Petraaaaaa! And penguins.

Finalists: Latvia, Bulgaria, Australia, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Israel, Lithuania and Belgium. Norway was robbed. ROBBED I TELL YOU

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FYI, I am still convinced last year's winner, Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw, would make an excellent MCU vid. Specifically, a deeply ironic Civil War vid.

Finland: Not a big fan
Greece: It grew on me, surprisingly enough
Moldova: Breakdancing cosmonaut!
Hungary: Nice voice
Croatia: Dressed in the true spirit of Eurovision
Taxi driver interlude: Cute and Verka!
Netherlands: Boring
Armenia: I love it! Yay sexy vampires
San Marino: Bleh
Czech Republic: A ballad with a nice show
Cyprus: I love it.
Austria: Is singing in French. Okay, then. Kind of reminds me of Olivia Ruiz. REALLY LIKE IT though.
Estonia: Congrats to the commitment to your AESTHETIC, dude. (I like the magic tricks.)
Azerbaijan: I like the back-up dancer outfits.
Montenegro: Eh.
Iceland: I like the birds, but not the hands.
Bosnia Herzegovina: Nice props, especially the cellist's outfit.
Malta: Meh.
Sweden vs Eurovision: How cute.

My votes: Moldova, Croatia, Armenia, Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Estonia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Actual finalists: Azerbaijan, Russia, Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Armenia, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Malta. I'm okay with that.
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Voting for the Eurovision final is underway. My favourite songs are the following: Slovenia, Israel, Estonia, UK, Lithuania, Serbia, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Romania, Spain, Georgia and Italy. (I'm not allowed an opinion on the French song, on account of being French.)

Honourable mention to the Austrian flaming piano.

I have to admit I'd been tempted to make the Swedish song my favourite, but then I saw the Georgian entry again and yeah, Imma keep Georgia as my favourite. I love the Swedish song and think it will make a perfect song for an MCU vid, but the Georgian song and costuming speak to me.

I want Australia to win, though. Because it would be AMAZING.

The opening postcards thingy was awesome and I really appreciated the casual inclusion of two men kissing. There were two men kissing at another point and I loved how many rainbow flags were in the audience. (And it took them a while, but Stéphane Bern and Marianne James finally got their act together and referred to Conchita with female pronouns. You could have done better, France 2. France Ô, with Mareva Galanter and Jérémy Parayre, did.)

Countries who were noticeably absent: Ukraine, Andorra, Luxembourg, Monaco, Turkey, Vatican City, Latveria.

Edit: Russia better not win >:(

Edit 2: SWEDEN WON! And he's crying from joy. He sounds all choked up for his repeat performance, aw.

Also, the commentators are now suggesting giving Brittany, Corsica and the rest their independance so that we can start bloc voting too, lmao.

Also, I ahev to admit that the Ancient Eurovision prompt over at the commentfest is really tempting me, for some reason.
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While the voting period for this semifinal of Eurovision is ongoing, here are the entries I liked: Lithuania, San Marino, Malta, Portugal, Israel, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Poland.

Of these, Portugal and Sweden are my favourites. (I will be severely disappointed if there is no MCU vid to the Swedish song, ngl.)

Also, it does me a world of good to see Conchita on my screen and reffered to with female pronouns. Also her short hair is gorgeous.

Edit: Well, of the songs I liked, the following made it in: Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Israel and Norway.

I was torn between Portugal and Georgia, so I guess I'll keep supporting Georgia.

On the other hand, the Sweden song is very good and would make such a perfect MCU vid, especially with Wanda and Age of Ultron. If I knew anything about vidding, I'd vid it myself.

Meanwhile, Spain is going full bore Lord of the Rings (relevant bit starts about 2 minutes in), with bonus shirtless dude.

Aw yeah, this is gonna be great!

(The Eurovision commentfest is still going, btw.)
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I love Eurovision. I'm 99% sure that the entire concept of Eurovision is to be as bonkers as possible and never tell anyone about it.

It's a musical game of Mornington Crescent!

(Just Google Lordi, the Finnish 2006 winner if you don't believe me. Or Jedward, who didn't win, but represented Ireland twice anyway.)

I loved the Finnish, Estonian and Serbian (it took a turn for the bonkers when the back-up dancers took off their clothes). I have a fondness for how happy the Danish looked to be there. My absolute favourite of this semi-final was Georgia, though!

Of these, Georgia, Serbia and Estonia made it to the final. Finland and Denmark sadly did not.

I probably won't be able to see the second semi-final because I'm very busy this week, but I think I'll be able to see the final. I don't know if I should keep rooting for Georgia or wait and see in the final.

(Speaking of very busy, I'm going to take it easy this week with everything, because I have too many things going on at once and I need a break before it breaks me. I'll still be around, but if I miss something you want me to see, let me know. The previous goes for any time, btw.)


Nah, Imma keep rooting for Georgia.


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