May. 1st, 2017 11:17 pm
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Lily of the valley May 1 2017

Here you go, folks!

I know I said I was taking a break from the internet, but I'm not going to break tradition, so have some muguet as a porte-bonheur/happiness-charm. *disappears again*
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Here's your muguet/lily-of-the-valley for apotropaic purposes*!

(There must be a less convoluted way to convey "porte-bonheur" in English.)

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As is traditional, have some lily of the valley, flist! It's a French tradition to buy muguet/lily of the valley on May 1 and give it to someone else for luck/happiness (muguet porte-bonheur), so here you go!

I've been using stock photos for this the past couple years, but I've decided to stop that. Instead, I will (if possible) take a picture of the muguet and the view outside my window.

It's not as pretty, maybe, but's more real.

MAY 1!

May. 1st, 2014 11:29 pm
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It's still (barely) May 1 where I am, so have some muguet to celebrate.

(I have actually really missed this today. I guess it's a French only tradition to sell/buy lily of the valley on May 1.)

I went to a quizz night and my team came in second (out of seven), but before that I cooked my first meal completely unaided. (...I am a very bad cook. I once burned pasta.) I made chicked korma with pasta and it turned out both edible and good. Progress!

Iron May

May. 1st, 2013 06:13 pm
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It's May 1, so I have some mugget around the house and I saw iron Man 3, as you do.

First, the mugget/lily of the valley, because it's a French tradtion.

Next, Iron Man 3 )

Tl;dr: I loved it, and now I feel like editing/rewriting that Good Omens/MCU crossover fic, because damn, Pepper, you be awesome and your hair is redder and more fabulous than ever before.
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This is for you, friendslist. (It's a French tradition to offer Lily of the Valley for good luck and happiness on May 1.)
Lily of the valley


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