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Saw it VOSTFR 3D.

Way back when I first saw the trailer for this movie, I went HOLY SHIT THEY'RE ADAPTING L'AMBASSADEUR DES OMBRES? THAT'S MY FAVOURITE. Well. I was right, but also, I was wrong.

It has a lot similarities with L'ambassadeur des Ombres, but some major changes make it a story with a different theme/message. I'm not saying the new story has a bad theme/message -- it's a good message and I can understand the reasoning behind the changes -- but it is 100% a different message. Idk, the original Ambassadeur des Ombres comic (especially the ending!) blew my tiny mind when I read it as a child and this movie would not have. Although these changes gave us the opening scene, set to Bowie's Space Oddity, which is pretty lovely.

It's a decent movie, I guess, but it's a bad adaptation.

For example, the movie implies Laureline is from the future, which NO. The really cool thing about Laureline is that she's from the mid-Middle Ages, circa 1000CE, and used Valérian as her ticket out of that hellhole. Then she becomes a space-time cop. She is the best. Also she's a redhead.

Not sure why the Shingouz go by a different name. That seems like a pointless change.

In a way the changes -- Laureline's hair colour, the names (not how you say Valérian, Alpha vs Point central), etc -- made it easier to think of this as its own thing, rather than an adaptation.

I came out of the movie shipping Laureline/Bubble the most out of everything. I did not ship Laureline/Valérian at all. I would ship Laureline/Neza first (he recognised her temper, hahaha).

I was kind of really disappointed that Laureline seemed to be one of only two women in the Earth military. Nice future there :/ There are some vaguely sexist moments that rubbed me the wrong way, as well. (Also the comic is SO MUCH MORE Laureline's story.)

  • BUBBLE WAS GREAT. Bring back Bubble for the sequel!
  • The heist was pretty cool.
In conclusion, good visuals, bad adapatation, decent-ish movie.

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I enjoyed it A LOT. I'm always a sucker for women fighting stuff, people being kind and righteously angry in the face of evil and fishes out of water situation; this movie delivers on all of this!

I saw it in VOSTFR. Only things I remember about the subtitling was that (a) we didn't get subtitles for whatever was said in French and (b) Steve called Diana 'vous' for a majority, if not all, the movie. I'll be using the names as they appeared in the subtitles.

I did not expect the framing device to have Diana living in France and working at the Louvre. Kind of really want a Diana vs recent French history fic, now.

Here be spoilers )

I reccomend it and would happily watch several movies of Diana kicking ass all over history.
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.It's that time of the year again! As readers of this journal may know, I mod several fanwork exchanges. The biggest of those, [community profile] nightonficmountain , just opened nominations. There may be venting (most likely under-lock) because let me tell you, I have not missed the ao3 nomination approval interface and especially not its tendency to throw 404s at me when I've just validated a bunch of noms, aaaaaaaargh. /the glamorous life of a fandom mod

I've seen a bunch of movies lately I haven't talked about on here -- and should -- Arrival (Hollywood scifi), Patients (French slice-of-life/biography) and Hidden Figures/Les Figures de l'ombre (US Historical) all of which were good.

I also saw Logan. Look. I have been for X-23 on the big screen for literally over a decade. I cannot overstate this: the very first time X-23 appeared, in a season 3 episode of X-Men:Evolution, I was sitting in front of my TV going "SHE IS THE GREATEST AND HER FEET CLAWS ARE THE COOLEST". Based on that, you'd think I would have had high expectations for this movie, but the thing is, I didn't, mostly because I didn't believe it was actually real. Like. There's an X-23 movie????? Is this the real life? But I have to say this was an awesome X-23 movie. Also SHE IS THE GREATEST AND HER FEET CLAWS ARE THE COOLEST.

Sleeping Beauty and the Black Mercy (1507 words) by sevenofspade
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: Not Rated
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Relationships: Finn/Rey (Star Wars)
Characters: Rey (Star Wars), Finn (Star Wars)
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Black Mercy, Changing Tenses

Finn dreams.

Rey investigated.

Finally wrote a thing for [community profile] starwarsflashmeme ! The prompt was "Love" and I started thinking about real love's kiss and Sleeping Beauty!Finn, but couldn't figure out how to make sense of the vines and then boom! Of course! The Black Mercy!
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I saw the 1963 Cleopatra (the one with Liz Taylor) on the big screen recently and I gotta say...


My experience with live action adaptations of this period of history is limited to this movie, HBO's Rome and Astérix: Mission Cléopatre, all of which are excellent in their various ways.

Cleopatra cost about 42 millions to make and every single cent is on the screen. It's, to put it simply, gorgeous. Not just because Liz Taylor is Liz Taylor or because the costumes are fabulous -- although she is and they are -- but because the cinematography of every single shot is a thing of beauty.

Liz Taylor is AMAZING as Cleopatra and hands down my favourite Cleopatra. (Monica Bellucci is a close second, Rome's a very distant third.)

She carries the entire four hours with a fantastic performance of a woman who is ambitious, a keen politician, proud, strong, kind and aware at all times of her image and how she can use it. I loved every single time she laid a verbal smackdown on Romans, which was often. She's also gorgeous and dressed in fabulous -- if with disctintive 50s/60s body shape -- costumes.

All the other actors were also really good! Rufio was my second favourite (after Cleopatra), Charmian and Eirnas broke my heart at the end, I really liked Flavius and Apollodore too.

Their Caesar was not my favourite, because that's the one from Mission Cléopatre (I don't like Caesar, so the one where he's made fun of is obviously my favourite), but he's much better than Rome's Caesar. [That's not all that hard, but this is still a damn good Caesar. ] Quite frankly Rome's Caesar doesn't even place.

I preferred Rome's Mark Antony because he was funnier, but it's honestly a very close call. This is a damn good Mark Antony. I still liked Rufio better though.

I wasn't convinced by their Octavian when the intermission rolled around (PRAISE BE TO THE INTERMISSION -- I really needed to stretch my legs) but he won me over by the end. He got the delicate balance of Augustus being both a shrewd political mind and A Weird. I think the HBO crack team of SIMON WOODS and Max Pirkis were better, but they got two whole seasons while this guy got two whole hours.

Despite knowing every beat of the story, I still got caught up in it. This is quality tragedy.

The way the movie was shot -- the kind of shots, etc -- was very interesting for how it contrasted with modern cinematography. More wide shots, less close-ups.

There was a moment when someone said the words "civil war" and I thought back on the old MCU Civil War memes -- tbh, I think I enjoyed this movie better than CACW as CACW was far too fast-paced for me to process emotionally. This movie is much slower but that gives room for the emotions to breath and be felt.

(Cleopatra also claims Hannibal had epilepsy, which was the first I'd heard of this.)

Also, this movie reminded me how much I would love to read/watch/etc an alternate history in which Cleopatra allies with Augustus, be that after Actium or instead of Mark Antony or whatever. (Cleopatra/Augustus optional, but welcome.)

Also also, for all we know Cleopatra gave birth to a daughter and Cesarion is someone else's son.

Also also also, I really like Roman armour.



Jan. 22nd, 2017 10:01 pm
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I took my mom to see Ballerina this afternoon. I enjoyed it greatly! It gives great Paris and Félicie is adorable.

I saw it in VF (French ub), because I was under the impression this was the original version. It is not, which actually made me feel better about some nitpicky stuff.

Nitpicks )

The animation was SUPER PRETTY. The Paris scenery is really well done -- the Opéra Garnier looks great and true to life. The dancing is awesome as well. Honestly, the entire movie could have been Félicie dancing on Parisian roofs and I would have loved it.

Hell, it could have been Félicie dancing on all sorts of roofs and I'd have loved it.

I really appreciated that it was 100% Félicie's story and that Victor was basically there for moral support (he has a crush on her, but there's nothing explicit/requited on her part -- tbh, by the end of the movie I shipped her with Camille). Félicie is 1000000% here for ballet and nothing else.

I also appreciated that it showed just how much fucking hard work ballet is.

The plot was mostly predictable/what I thought it'd be, but it did take a few unexpected detours to get there.

I loved the mentor and mentee relationship between Odette and Félicie. Félicie has SO MUCH MERIT practicing ballet in leather shoes (I'm pretty sure they were hobnailed, too).

My absolute favourite part is the Félicie/Camille ballet battle -- it's a dance battle WITH BALLET. (Special shoutout to [personal profile] escritoireazul , the first part of said ballet battle is set to Demi Lovato's Confident.)

Overall, definitely reccomended.


Dec. 30th, 2016 10:17 pm
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Non-spoilery version: I saw the movie in 2D VOSTFR. I enjoyed it greatly.

Anything else I have to says goes under a cut.

Spoiler-y version )

And if you're wondering whether I'm going to write fic for it in the style of a Norse saga (like I did for The Force Awakens)? The answer is yes. I might need to see it again first, but it's happening.
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I went to see Moana in 3D VF (ie: in French).

It was very cute! I enjoyed it greatly.

The animation was fantastic -- the CG for the water's amazing -- and I quite liked the songs, but my favourite thing about the movie was Vaiana/Moana. SHE IS THE CUTEST AND THE BEST. And her drive for the sea and to go beyond the horizon -- I feel you, girl.
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I went and watched Les Animaux Fantastiques (in English: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them) in VOSTFR 2D yesterday.

That is a movie with one hell of a special effects budget, yowza.

Short version: I enjoyed it and I liked all the characters, except [redacted] once [big reveal] happened. Overall I think the movie would have benefitted not having such an obvious sequel hook in it.

Long version under the cut! )
What I'm hoping for in the sequel: More creatures! (Apparently they're going to Paris, so hopefully something from French folklore? I promise we have lots of fun creatures!) Less Grindelwald bullshit.

I also got to see the trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and I have so many thoughts, but for now I'm going to go with HOLY SHIT THEY'RE ADAPTING L'AMBASSADEUR DES OMBRES? THAT'S MY FAVOURITE. Also, that's not how you say Valérian.
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Guess what movie I saw? Yup, it was Captain America: Civil War.

I greatly enjoyed it but WOW IT WAS INTENSE.

I saw it with a group of friends and on either side of me were a Steve/Bucky shipper and a Steve/Tony shipper, which was an interesting experience. They each walked out of the cinema with a new appreciation for each other's ship. I walked out SHIPPING ALL THE THINGS as I pretty much always do.

There is literally no ship in this movie I would be down with. Like, you know how the poster that has the team lined up on both sides starts with line-ups that make sense as ships (Steve/Tony, Nat/Sam) and get progressively more nonsensical (Wanda/Rhodey, Vision/Bucky, Clint/T'Challa)? I would read fic for every single one of those.

If there are any questions about spoilers or things you want to know or whatever, feel free to ask.

I saw the movie in 2D with French subtitles. I was also pretty much unspoiled going in.

Here be spoilers )

Yeah, that's about it. I ENJOYED IT A LOT. I kind of want to write fic, but I'm not sure what kind of fic yet.

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I saw Deadpool. It's very much a "for people who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing that they like". I am a person who likes this sort of thing! I liked this movie a lot. It was clearly made by people who really enjoyed working on it and it was often hilarious. Would reccomend, as long as the trailer is your kind of thing.

(Funny story: I went with a friend and in the line to go the very same showing at the very same theater, we ran into another friend of mine.)

The subtitles were really good! My favourite subtitles-only joke was "Roule, ma Pool".

I think my favourite overall joke was "Stewart or McAvoy?" and/or the joke dissing Ryan Reynolds' acting ability.

Angel was really hot and Negasonic Teenage Warhead was hilariously on point as "une ado vénère"/"an angry/grumpy teenaged girl".


Feb. 7th, 2016 10:28 pm
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So I saw Spotlight with the rest of the triumvirate today. It was very good!

It reminded me a bit of The labyrinth of silence with the way it handled the sensitive subject matter very gracefully.

It's a pretty hard hitting movie. I was suprised by how much narrative weight was given to Rachel McAddams' character, as the trailer made it look like it was all about Mark Ruffalo's. (Dixit one of my friends: "Mark Ruffalo is always ANGRY at society. Sometimes he turns green.") It was actually pretty well balanced between McAddams, Ruffalo and Keaton, with the fourth journalist a little to the side, but he still got an awesome shot at the end. *drops newpaper dramatically on a doorstep* I like how the movie showed even the journalists as involved in the cover up.
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So I saw La Guerre des Étoiles: Le Réveil de la Force again. You may know this better at Star Wars: The Force Awakens. French movie rebranding strikes again!

I've seen it twice, once in 2D, once in 3D, both times in English with French subtitles. Quite frankly, I liked the 2D better than the 3D, for two reasons: 1, the lenses for the 3D glasses were smaller than the lenses for my prescription glasses and 2, I was in the front row for the 2D.

I was in the front row and then the music started blaring and I was suddenly five years old again. But it was better, because it was on the big screen and there's so many women and and and...

Well, I liked it a lot. But then again, I've never considered myself a Star Wars fan. I like the prequels -- pretty sure the last time I saw a Star Wars movie was III, in theaters. I ent to see this one because it's been ages since I saw some space opera on the big screen and I am weak in front of pretty pictures. Bottom line: I am Not An Expert TM.

Anyway, I liked it a lot!

In case anyone is curious about tu/vous distinctions in the subtitles: Rey calls everyone tu right away (except Han, Kylo Ren and very briefly Finn*), Poe and Finn call each other tu on sight, the only unequal tu/vous are Han calling Finn and Rey tu while they call him vous and Kylo Ren calling Rey tu while she calls him vous (WAY TO BE A CREEP DUDE). I can't think of anything else off-hand, but if anyone wants to know about any of them, just ask.

:D )

Yeah, I liked it a lot. Idk about fic, but I really want to go draw fem!Kylo Ren, that's one hell of an outfit.
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I feel like it would be a lot easier to enjoy seeing my brother again after far too long if both of us weren't feeling especially hermit-y lately. So instead I am staying up waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late and answering comments (mostly on Ao3) and reading yuletide fic.

We managed to go to the cinema to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (IT WAS CERTAINLY A STAR WARS MOVIE -- it's basically very Star Wars, from plot to worldbuilding to scene composition even, in places. Also that one dude looks nothing like either of his parents /end Star Wars thoughts) and we saw some Leverage (re-re-re-re-re-re-(re?)-watch) and Shawshank Redemption (I always cry at either the "Brooks was here" scene or the opera scene -- this time it was the opera scene -- and man, that one last shot is fucking perfect, just the silence and the wide open sea as the camera pans out) so that was good. I just wish we could do more, because he's leaving tomorrow :(

Also he asked me if what I was watching was any good to which I replied "Nah. It's the latest BBC Sherlock, but at least I don't need to use my brain, which is good because I'm in no state to". I feel like this is maybe -- just maybe -- a flaw when talking about a show about Sherlock Holmes, but what do I know and it's not like it's exactly a new flaw. (Also Hooper was really hot, wowza.) So I recced him The Librarians, instead.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 01

In your own space, talk about why you are doing the Fandom Snowflake Challenge? What drew you to it as a participant? What do you hope to accomplish by doing these challenges? Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I enjoyed doing this challenge last year, it was tons of fun.

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Or, you, know, The Martian.

It's a movie about Matt Damon and SCIENCE! I've been looking forward to it for a while and I have to say I was there for Mars, SCIENCE and Matt Damon (idk anything about Matt Damon as a person, I just enjoy his acting) and I have to say I was not disappointed.

None of the science struck me as blatantly wrong, which is beyond amazing for a Hollywood movie. There's only one thing where I'm slightly confused about it, but I'm willing to let it go, because I'm not sure it's wrong. That aside, the most unrealistic thing about the movie is that it's NASA sending people to Mars.

It's really pretty (MARS!) and I enjoyed all the disco. I'm giant sucker for science and ingenuity winning the day, so that was good. (I do think the pacing could have been a bit better: the latter half of the movie goes by a bit too fast to show the passage of time properly.)

Also, there's barely any romance in it!

I reccomend this movie to anyone interested in SCIENCE or Mars scenery (or Matt Damon).

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I saw the Le Petit Prince movie (French dub/original version).

I recently saw someone liken the sensation of reading that book for the first time as a child to being hit by "a freight train made of stars" and that was exactly what watching this movie felt like.

It was so beautiful (I cried), but so sad (I cried), but so beautiful (everyone cried).
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I saw Spy, the movie with Melissa McCarthy, Jason Staham and Jude Law.

I like dit a lot! It was hilarious and a way better movie than any of the recent James Bonds. I would watch a whole series of these.

There was a lot less Jude Law and Jason Staham than I expected. This is a good thing.

So many of the plot hinges on women, omg.

Also, wow a Paris in Hollywood that steps away from the Grands Boulevards? What is this madness. French that is both correct and sounds like it was spoken by native speakers? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. I LIKE IT.

(I was totally shipping Susan and Nancy. And Susan/Rayna/Fine.)

Y'all might start getting answers to (very) old comments, fyi.
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I don't think I have, because I keep going "...No, I gotta see it one more time before I post about it". F-list, I have now seen this movie FIVE TIMES and it is still as shiny and chrome as the first time and I keep noticing new things every time.

Do you like: Explosions? Action scenes? A vast array of female characters who are all badass in there own way (and I guess Max was there also)? You will love this movie.

This movie basically answers every "why" with "WHY NOT *flamethrowing guitar riff*".

If nothing else it is utterly utterly visually gorgeous. And I love Angharad and Capable and Toast and the dag and Furiosa and Cheedo and Valkyrie and the Keeper of Seeds and all of them so much.

(Mad props to the people who did the subtitles, because they manage to sneak in EVEN MORE WORLDBUILDING. Mad props to everyone involved.)
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So, I was Ant-Man! France apparently gets it very first of all the nations in the world, which is nice.

I saw it in VOSTFR 2D. Can't speak for other versions, etc.

Short version: I enjoyed it! It's funny, it's heisty, Evangeline Lilly wears a suit magnificiently, Paul Rudd takes his shirt off and there was more Cassie than I expected (she is the cutest omg <3).

Long version, with spoilers )

In conclusion: it's a good heist movie, Cassie is the cutest and there are two post-credits scenes.

If anyone has questions about the movie, ask away.
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I was extremely charmed by it. It's a movie about male strippers going on a roadtrip and it delivers on both the stripping and wacky roadtrip hijinks fronts. That said, what charmed me most about it was how queer it was.

Hear me out.

One of the characters is explicitly non-straight, as she says "I'm not in a Boy Phase". Channing Tatum's character is completely cool with that and even suggests that "there will be three thousand women [some of which will also be queer and you can hook up with]". There is also a scene where the male strippers show up at a male strip club and are asked by the bouncer if they're clients, implying that the establishment does cater to male clients. Nothing is made of these. They are completely casual things and it was really refreshing to see a movie that might have been all het romance all the time take the path of having queer people's existence be completely unremarkable.

I like that the strippers are friends and at no point do any of them feel the need to "no homo" it.

I also liked that the stated goal of their stripping is to make women happy. That's it. That's all there is to it. Making these women smile. There's even one scene where the whole point is to make one specific woman smile (just smile) and it's not the dance routine that does it but the joke just after and it still treated as a major victory.

(Also, I am pretty sure Rome and Paris had a thing in the past.)

(Also also: that queer subtext? Definitely intentional.)

I saw this movie with the fandom folks, one of whom convinced me to make a post on something that had been bothering me for a while, so I am posting here to be accountable to that.
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I've just seen Le Labyrinthe du Silence (original title: Im Labyrinth des Schweigens, international title: Labyrinth of Lies).

You know how sometimes you see a movie and it's really really good but it's hit you in the gut so hard all you can think is "I'm going to need to process that"? That's how I feel over this movie.

It's a movie about the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials and more specifically the lead-up to said trials. And that's pretty much all I can say without having to process it further, because HOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE.

I'll note that not only is the story extremely well told, but the cinematography is also amazing and thematically fitting to the original title: there are a lot of things unsaid and unseen. For example, one of the Auschwitz survivors is a painter and while the characters get to see the first painting he painted after Auschwitz, "The Exterminating Angel", we the audience never do. We also never get to hear people's testimonies when Radmann interrogates the survivors. There are other things that come to mind, but suffice to say it's all very effective.

To an extent I feel like calling the movie Labyrinth of Lies in English was a mistake, as the core of the movie isn't about lies, except lies of omission, it's it's about breaking the silence and having the victims' and survivors' stories told.

It's a really really excellent movie. I would definitely reccomend it.


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