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In no particular order.

New music:

HOLY FUCK AFTER 10 FUCKING YEARS MC SOLAAR'S FINALLY GOT A NEW ALBUM COMING OUT It comes out on Nov 3. The single is Sonotone -- I honestly believe the man is the best living French lyricist. Sonotone ends on a line that echoes this Gainsbourg song, itself referencing this Verlaine poem. Like. Damn. It's also got the line "Dévertébrer les verbes de toutes mes lèvres" which is a fucking masterclass in internal rhyming.

I am also looking forward to Taylor Swift's new album (Nov 10). Although, if I'm honest I'm mostly looking forward to the new music video. Look What You Made Me Do confirmed what I suspected since Blank Space: that even though her music can be hit or miss for me, I fucking love her aesthetic and sense of humour.

Technically Nolwenn Leroy's new album is already out, but I've only listened to the eponymous single, Gemme so far.


NEW FORCES OF DESTINY (Oct 1 and 29) and then new Rebels season. Also, is that Sabine and Jyn interacting in that trailer? Yessssssssss


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1. Swimming )

2. I've been trying to memorise the lyrics to Georges Brassens' Supplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète. So far I've managed the first five stanzas (lyrics at the link).

Vid )

3. With help from [personal profile] sineala , why I dislike Bendis:

Typical Bendis dialogue )

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Les Franglaises

They translate famous English songs into French literally and it's fucking hilarious. There's more going on, because there's a narrative in between the songs.

Also, I appreciate how LGBT friendly it is (they do Blur's "Boys and Girls" for example) and that one time one of the guys takes "You can leave your hat on" as a list of instructions.

It's also really affecting somehow? Like, their rendition of "The show must go on"* is really powerful for me. (At around 57 minutes in.)

Full disclosure: I saw the comeback Le Viens-retour live and while that one was better, they're broadly similar. Some of the songs are here/not here and stuff was re-arranged. I think the cast is different too. (Favourite missing bit: the translation of Edith Piaf's "Jene regrette rien" into English as "I don't regret nothing. Oh, and the stage being on fire. Well. More on fire.)

Favourite parts are Claire and Sylvain's rivalry thing they've got going (especially the western showdown starting at 1h18 and especially the bit of that set to "Gimme a man after midnight") and "Hôtel Californie" (1h29).

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So today wasn't a great day and I basically did fuckall except listen to the 10th anniversary album of My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade, The Black Parade/Living With Ghosts, on repeat. And then it was basically just "Welcome to the Black Parade" on repeat.

Listen, I hear those opening notes and suddenly I'm back in time -- not that ten years ago was necessarily a good time for me to be, but it was ten years ago and I'm still here, so that's something.
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Dear [community profile] jukebox_fest  DJ,

Thank you for writing for me! I'm sure whatever you write me will be wonderful.

Feel free to poke around this journal or my Ao3 account (username: sevenofspade) if you want to.

I have three Do Not Wants: incest, rape and child abuse. When these are canon, please don't focus on them. I'd also prefer is you didn't dwell on any suicidal ideation or prolonged descriptions of grief. I would also prefer not to have to deal with people losing things important to them and toxic living arrangements, be that family or roomates. Thank you.

Jukebox 2016-specific caveat: Nobody drowns, please. I'm fine with going to the water to become someone/something else, but please no drownings.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things I do want. Here’s a partial list. (I obviously don’t expect you to stick all of these in one story, that would be impossible.)
General likes )

Boum Boum Boum - Mika (Music Video)
Music Video + Lyrics (with translation)

He's a cowboy! He's James Bond! He's in a noir movie! He's Lawrence of Arabia! Everyone's having gunfights! I have no idea what's happening!

I think there's a really cool story in this music video with these two people who keep running into each other in different time periods. What's their relationship like? Is this time travel or reincarnation or a mixture of both?

Feel free to make it F/F! Lesbian noir detective is my jam.

Holder of the GRAIL - The Mechanisms (Song)
Song + Lyrics

(I know and love the musical this is from, but I am not asking for fic for the musical.)

Ship's captain made accidental god while stranded in space! General running a space station while deserted by her homeworld! The semi-antagonistic yet oddly friendly relationship between the two!

I am fascinated by the relationship we see between the two of them. I ship them, because I am always here for this sort of complicated relationship -- calls him "my lad" and orders him around and yet has to trust him with all the workings of the ship. I would totally be done for a happy ending AU in which they don't die! But really, anything's good. Does the general resent the captain for going fishing while the ship is decaying and suffering from mutiny? What's "the General’s iron rule" like? How did we get from "the General who came to me and said: 'my lad'" to "I still hear the General curse me with her choking final breath"?

Juste pour me souvenir - Nolwenn Leroy (Song)
Song + Lyrics (with translation)

I have the totally optional headcanon that this song is in continuity with/after Dans les prisons de Nantes (lyrics + translation) with the singer of this song being the Gaoler's daughter singing to the Prisoner, who I both imagine as female. (I can't find a non-live online source for it, but Rentrer en Bretagne is also part of this set.)

Anyway! I want to know who the singer is singing to. The whole song is so bittersweet. She's singing to someone who ran away (from what? to where?) and who she needs "salt and water on [her] lips" to remember and said person is in "the arms of a siren/mermaid who will sing all night long" so I'm thinking literal transformation into a mermaid. A happy reunion would be delightful! Or what about the "bitter last kiss"? Also feel free to relate this in anyway to Mika's Underwater below.

(Please remember what I said about no drownings.)

Peacemaker - The Mechanisms (Song)

Song + Lyrics

(I know and love the musical this is from, but I am not asking for fic for the musical. Also, I know the song refers to the characters as "Gawain" and "Mordred", but I'll refer to them as "Warmonger" and "Peacemaker" -- and you should feel free to make up your own names for them -- because I am not requesting fic for the musical. PLEASE NO ARTHURIANA.)

I ship it (I'm taking the "dear brother" as metaphorical, not literal). Peacemaker/Warmonger OTP!  I love love love all kinds of complicated relationship and this song hits a lot of my tragic relationships buttons -- and so obviously I want both the story of how this became such a tragedy and the happy ending version! But seriously, how did we get there!

It's so interesting to have "Peacemaker" spit out as an insult on the same level as "Warmonger". Clearly they have opposing goals and why the surprised "are these your friends?" And the bitter melancholy of "Oh, Peacemaker, you have failed." FAILED WHAT? And "is this how you’ll rule?" TELL ME MORE. (I am aware that there are answers in the musical. Don't care, not asking for the musical.)

Tourner dans le vide - Indila (Music Video)
Music Video
+ Lyrics (with translation)

Between the ball, the prince and the burning of the denim jacket at the beginning, I get a massive Cinderella vibe from this vid , but this Cinderella has her own agenda. She's clearly only there for the painting of the sculptor, which isn't really a painting, is it? She refers to him as "my handsome soldier" at one point and then there's the magical realism running through this vid.

Is this a rescue mission gone wrong? Does not!Cinderella reunite with the sculptor after she's a painting too? Does she have magic powers? What are they? How did the sculptor end up in the painting? What's up with the masks on the servants? Or the prince's magical dagger? What's the deal with the prince?

I somehow ended up shipping not!Cinderella/the sculptor/the prince more than any of the composant ships, but seriously, it's all good.

Tous les Mêmes - Stromae (Music Video)
Music Video
+ Lyrics (with translation)

The narrator of the song apparently lives two different lives in which they are two different sexes and switches between the two at will. That is so fascinating and I want all the fic dealing with that!

What's it like to change lives like that? Do his boyfriend and girlfriend know about the other one? Are the dancers other people in the same situation?

It's also interesting how male!narrator is basically everything female!narrator hates about men -- why is that?

Tu vas me manquer - Maitre Gims (Music Video)
Music Video + Lyrics (with translation)

SPACE! I always think of this song as the story of a prison break in space and/or about someone who is waiting for someone who was put into cryosleep and sent out among the stars.

I am basically 100% with any sci-fi stuff you want to use here. What if "I'm losing my words" is literal?

If you go shippy with this one, I have a preference for M/M here.

Underwater - Mika (Music Video)
Music Video
+ Lyrics

Dude in dinky boat with glowy light turns into mermaid! Or something. I'm half-convinced he's returning the glowing thing to the mermaids, but seriously, how did he end up in such a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean?

Who is "the port of [his] call"? What is "the world [he] leave[s] behind" and why is he leaving it behind? The lyric I find most interesting is "put your lips on me and I can live underwater" because how does that work? Or he could be the guy being sung to from Juste pour me souvenir above! That would work amazingly.

(Please remember what I said about no drownings.)

Thank you so much for writing for me!

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There's an Indochine concert on TV right now (D17) and I'm suddenly reminded of how much this group means to me.

Troisième Sexe was a fucking revelation, for more than one reason, but especially for Une fille au masculin / Un garçon au féminin. I don't think I've ever seen the lead singer wear anything other than black; you wouldn't think that would matter, but it does..

Just this concert a song was introduced as "for all the girls who like girls and the boys who like boys and the girls who like boys and the boys who like girls". They keep thanking the public. They have a sense of humour (see the whole Indochine and Les Inconnus parodying the parody thing.)

And of course they finished on L'Aventurier! Which they hadn't played yet and I was worried I'd missed (didn't see the first hour or so). There is an least one entire generation of French people who know Bob Morane only through this song.

As far as having musical bands that mean a lot to me go, I could be doing a hell of a lot worse.

Here, have some more songs (and some really weird music videos I had never seen before). Trois nuits par semaines. Canary Bay. Salombo (and I'm not just saying this because it's the name of Hannibal Barca's older sister in that one Flaubert novel and so raises some super interesting questions). J'ai demandé à la lune. Tes yeux noirs (they did a whole concert with the Hanoi orchestra, it's great; I honestly can't pick between both versions of J'ai demandé à la lune).

(I suspect going to a live concert might not be feasible, but I really want to now.)

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I believe the following supervillain/superspy music video is of interest to some of you.

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This has been running around my head for the last two days or so and I haven't been able to get anything done because of it. Hopefully posting it will mean I'll be able to do something else, now.

There are two ways to go about making a crack fanmix. One is to use humorous songs in a serious manner and the other is to use serious songs in a humorous manner. This mix is six of one, half a dozen of the other and some songs that idk what's going with them.

No guarantees that this will be as funny to anyone as it is to me, but here goes.

I can explain -- a crack PJO/HOO fanmix

I Can Explain - cover
(Cover fanart by Minuiko)

Listen on 8tracks

(15 tracks, runtime: 48mn 25s according to VLC, 40mn according to 8tracks)

Tracklisting and more )

I'll add a download link as soon as I can. ETA: Download link is here. (Let me know if it expires and I'll reupload it.)

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So I've been listening to Mika pretty much on repeat for the past couple of days. At some point, I realised that all the songs of his I had on my MP3 player were from either Life in Cartoon Motion (2007) or The Boy Who Knew Too Much (2009) and I asked myself, "What's Mika done since then?" Because I'd kind of lost track of what he'd been doing, aside from him coming out as gay at some point in the last five years. (Wow. Already?)

This is what he's been doing since then:

So apparently Mika sings in French now? (I am impressed by his lack of accent. He even does the "r"s and the "u"s properly!)

I have to admit that I started to laugh at "les bourgeois du 16eme" and kind of haven't stopped since. He's a cowboy! He's James Bond! He's in a noir movie! He's Lawrence of Arabia! Everyone's having gunfights! I have no idea what's happening!

I have no idea why Mika is singing in French, or what's going on in that video (the lyrics, on the other hand, are very explicit), but I really don't care.  It's making me laugh and making me happy the way Mika's songs always do.

Rock on, Mika. Rock on.

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[personal profile] schneefink : talk about music. What's your favorite kind, any recommendations?

Full confession time: I'm shit at identifying music genres. I'm also awful at remembering what genres anything is, so it's entirely possible I'm misidentifying things.

According to this post-it note, I like opera, metal and just about anything, as far as genres go. Thank you post-it note, that was very helpful. I really like songs that tell stories, though.

Also, I tend to not really seek out artists and like songs on their individual merits instead, so in light of all of this, I'm probably not the best person to ask this question to.

Also also, I've been having trouble with youtube since yesterday, so forgive me and let me know if there's any problems with the vids.

All that being said... )

Feel free to ask me anything!

(I've been trying to post this properly for upwards of an hour but neither DW nor LJ is being cooperative. Sorry if it gets completely fucked up.)


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