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Swimming: Haven't swam in about a month, so taking it slow for the pick-back.
Session total: 1 600m. Past total: 42 050 / 585 689. Current total: 43 650 / 585 689

I wonder if keeping track of what I draw every week (short summaries, like "profile headshot" or "1/3 of a watercolour" or whatever) would help me draw less headshots.


Jul. 26th, 2017 10:49 pm
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So I got kicked in the chest last Sunday. Well, upperchest/shoulder. Swimming: a more dangerous sport than you'd expect!

Was okay most of Monday, then began hurting in the evening. It's been hurting, with varying degrees of intensity, ever since. I hurt more in the evenings than mornings, but overall I thinkit's getting better. (I have an unrelated doctor appointment on Friday, so if it still hurts by then, I'll bring it up.)

Anyway, I've been taking it easy and avoiding moving that shoulder. That's why I've been mostly off the internet for now. Tomorrow I'll off the internet because I'm going to see Valerian! That should be more fun.
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It's raining extra hard outside. Full blown thunder and lightning rattling your windows rain. Been coming for a while, hope the air feels less heavy now.

Swimming )

Also, for reasons not worth explaining at this juncture, I have sadly fallen (back) fully into Arthuriana. Why do I do these things to myself? ;_;

An update

Jul. 2nd, 2017 10:31 pm
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Swimming )

I am feeling better, BUT I will be very busy all of next week for Reasons. So don't worry if I'm not around much.


May. 28th, 2017 11:55 pm
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This is mostly for tracking purposes, because I know I went swimming more than twice since my last swimming tracking, but I can't remember when or how much I swam, sadly.

Right now my swimming record is 3km in 1h42m, which is 34mn to 1km. I swam this roughly keeping the same speed throughout, given that I had swam 2km in 1h08m. I think my next goal is going to get under 30mn for a 1km. (Meanwhile, Olympic swimmers swim 10km in under 2 hours.)

Time before that I did 2.7km in idk how much time. *squints* I think I did 2.6km the time before that, but I ain't counting it because I'm not sure. (I'm tracking less because of accuracy and more because it motivates me to make concrete progress towards a distant/big goal.)

I was going to go swimming today, but it was too bloody hot and I couldn't make myself. I may try to go one evening this week.

Past total: 27 850 / 585 689. Current total: 33 550 / 585 689.

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1. Have a tagset review period for your exchanges. Trust me on this. (Also, Morbane is amazing.)

2. Sometimes I am irrational about things and don't know how to explain without sounding bonkers if I even know why, but apparently I react really badly to being told "good luck" and to the existence of lovememes (people are free to take part in lovememes all they want, I just don't want to hear about them, ever). I need some sort of blocker for these things.

3. I can swim 2.5k in one go! (Past total: 25 350 / 585 689. Current total: 27 850 / 585 689.)
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Things I didn't want to do today: go to the pool straight from work, do not pass 'go', do not collect 200€
Things I did today: go to the pool straight from work

Today total: 1 700m. Past total: 19 550 / 585 689, Current total: 21 250 / 585 689

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1. Swimming )

2. I've been trying to memorise the lyrics to Georges Brassens' Supplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète. So far I've managed the first five stanzas (lyrics at the link).

Vid )

3. With help from [personal profile] sineala , why I dislike Bendis:

Typical Bendis dialogue )

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1. Operation Afterwork Swim: Qualified Success )


3. Fandom snowflake Day 3 )
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Swimming )

ALSO! Does anyone have recs for K-dramas I can watch with English subtitles? I like sff, women, queer themes, complicated relationships and shenanigans. Honestly, I have a very broad and not that discerning taste, so as long as it's in Korean with English subs, I'll give it a go -- I really need to practice my Korean.

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Swimming: 50 laps! Go me. Today: 50 * 25 = 1 250. Total before today: 1 600. Total today: 2 850 / 590 000.

I got to talking with [livejournal.com profile] bunn about pastels, so here's my current pastel project. I need to work on: realism, expressions, shadows, wavy hair and contrast. I picked a still from Revenge of the Sith, because I really hate copying, so if I'm going to copy a thing, I am going to copy something I am interested in, ie Star Wars (and the lighting on Mustaphar is amazing and super interesting to work with).

I picked pastels as a medium because I rarely do pastels on account of how it's hard to do fiddly details in pastels, but I am also trying to stop focusing on details so much so here I am PRACTICING EVERYTHING AT ONCE.

Fyi, would not reccoment anyone actually do this. It's the art equivalent of someone taking away your floaters, throwing you into a river and going "now you swim back to shore".

Picture + reference )

The line-art's not detailed because I am hoping to be working solely with colour to make it work. We shall see.

Guess what, it's also in a colour scheme I don't use a lot.

I am quite tempted to sign-up for [community profile] femmeremix . I enjoyed the remixing part of the Remix challenge I did last year -- but that was the only part I enjoyed. I hear this one is much better run!

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Swimming )

I have somehow managed to give myself deadlines for every week until about mid-May. Some of these are semi-self-imposed*, some are not and none of the stories are doing what I want them to do! Bummer :(

And meanwhile [community profile] starwarsflashmeme is having awesome prompts I don't have time to fill, boo.

*In that having the stories done before X is self-imposed, but X is an external condition, such as the date Captain America:Civil War comes out (April 27) or the date or Eurovision.

On the upside, I managed to not lose internet for a day just before having to close sign-ups for [community profile] nightonficmountain like happened last year. PROGRESS!

I went to the pool. I first did 16 laps (25m each) then practiced (depth) diving for a while then another 6 laps, so that's (16 + 6) * 25 = 550m. Last time I did 250m, so that's 800/590 000 since I'm doing Carthage to Rome by swimming.

While I was practicing diving a 10 year old wanted me to teach her how do dive, which I tried to do. My favourite moment was
Her: Do you have short hair or long hair?
Me: Short.
Her: How short?
Me: *dramtically rips off swimming cap* This short.
Idk, it was nice. It was also nice to know I can still do my initial horizontal dive to 5m precisely pretty much every single time.

Also, I recently saw a headcanon about Padmé as an Once And Future Queen type of legend on Naboo and my reaction was essentially FIRST OF ALL HOW DARE YOU. Then I took a deep breath and remembered that Anglophone Arthuriana and I work on two entirely different planes of reference -- and that while I associate the "once and future" type of eternal sleep to Merlin, here it was in reference to Arthur. Which is still wrong but not on the same level.

BUT SERIOUSLY Leia describes Padmé -- somehow -- as "beautiful and sad" and that's Lancelot to a T (and L?). And if you're going with the waters of Naboo as a significant theme, as said post implied, then she's the Lady of the Lake or possibly Morgane. All the people of the Lake, basically. There's always been a strain of melancholy

Anakin is Arthur, because Palpatine is Merlin. (This makes Obi-Wan Guenièvre, lmao.)

This was the last week of [community profile] verbosity . It was a great comm and I'll be sad to see it go. I won this last week so I'm posting the celebratory stamp.


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