Jan. 22nd, 2017


Jan. 22nd, 2017 10:01 pm
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I took my mom to see Ballerina this afternoon. I enjoyed it greatly! It gives great Paris and Félicie is adorable.

I saw it in VF (French ub), because I was under the impression this was the original version. It is not, which actually made me feel better about some nitpicky stuff.

Nitpicks )

The animation was SUPER PRETTY. The Paris scenery is really well done -- the Opéra Garnier looks great and true to life. The dancing is awesome as well. Honestly, the entire movie could have been Félicie dancing on Parisian roofs and I would have loved it.

Hell, it could have been Félicie dancing on all sorts of roofs and I'd have loved it.

I really appreciated that it was 100% Félicie's story and that Victor was basically there for moral support (he has a crush on her, but there's nothing explicit/requited on her part -- tbh, by the end of the movie I shipped her with Camille). Félicie is 1000000% here for ballet and nothing else.

I also appreciated that it showed just how much fucking hard work ballet is.

The plot was mostly predictable/what I thought it'd be, but it did take a few unexpected detours to get there.

I loved the mentor and mentee relationship between Odette and Félicie. Félicie has SO MUCH MERIT practicing ballet in leather shoes (I'm pretty sure they were hobnailed, too).

My absolute favourite part is the Félicie/Camille ballet battle -- it's a dance battle WITH BALLET. (Special shoutout to [personal profile] escritoireazul , the first part of said ballet battle is set to Demi Lovato's Confident.)

Overall, definitely reccomended.


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