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I'm watching Astérix:Mission Cléopâtre as I type this. I apparently know every line of this movie by heart, because I keep quoting them before they happen on screen /no shame. And I turned on the DVD subtitles just to see what they look like and I'm getting a bunch of new laughs out of them ("blub blub"), so that's great. They put all the Egyptian in hieroglyphics! Monica Bellucci is even more attractive than I remembered, Jamel Debbouze looks so young and this remains the only live action Caesar I like. It's fucking hilarious and the costuming and everything visual is really beautiful, too. (This might be my favourite movie.)

Anyway, I dug up my 2015 goals post, just to see how far along I am. (Let's forget that I haven't done a monthly report in months and didn't do the fic meme for 2014.)

1. Write 500k words total. (268 404/500 000. Good.)

2. Read 100 books. (40/100. Ouch.)

3. Draw 250 things. (105/250. Close.)

(4. Be braver.) (Efforts were made, with some success.)

(5. Chill.) (Efforts were made.)

Longer version )
You know what, I should probably do the 2014 fic meme, even way late.
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January words )

February words )

Things drawn: 12 (ouch)
Things learned about art: EYEBROWS! Eyebrows do so much to structure a face, it's amazing. Also, having a darker/heavier line around all the figures' outside can do a lot to make them pop up from the background.

Books read: 25 (Stained Glass Monsters (Eferum #1), House of Mystery (2008) (this counts as 8 TPBs), Murder Most Witchy (Wendy Lightower Mystery Book 1), Hagar, Célestin et l'enfant étoile, Eve sur la Balançoire: Un conte cruel de Manhattan, Victor Hugo, The Magician and Laplace's Demon, The program for the Opéra de Paris production of L'Enlèvement au Sérail / Die Entführung aus dem Serail, Bran: Une histoire de l'île d'Errance, The Daylight War, Le Portrait de Dorian Gray, d'Oscar Wilde, De Cape et de Crocs (8 - Le Maître d'armes, 9 - Revers de fortune and 10 - De la Lune à la Terre), The Harem Club, Manuel de civilité pour les petites filles à l’usage des maisons d’éducation, Qadehar le Sorcier)

So that's 88 420/500 000, 12/250 and 25/100. Heh. Being ahead on 2/3 isn't so bad.
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I go away for a week and fandom pretty much explodes. How fucking typical.

CAPTAIN MARVEL IS GETTING A MOVIE! I am very excited about this. (So is Black Panther, but my knowledge of T'challa is limited to the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon and the one trade I flipped through that had his sister be the Black Panther.) With any luck, the catsing will be better than the Wanda and Pietro casting. Admittedly, I'm terrible at faces/slightly face-blind, but why doesn't Wanda have curly/wavy hair? Her hair looks so flat; it's oddly distressing. Pietro's hair is an absolute disaster too. (I don't suppose finding an actual Jewish and/or Romani pair of actors was ever an option? Thanks, Hollywood. /sarcasm) Also, is that a French flag I see in the protest in the Age of Ultron trailer? DNW Hollywood!France. DNW.

Yuletide assignments are here! I got mine. I like it! I was literally looking at the letter just before I got the email. No, really: I closed the letter tab and refreshed my email and there it was. On the not-so-good/wtf side of thing, I seem to have lost my physical copy of the canon. WTF? I still have the digital copy, but still. Whereever did it go?

A quantitive review of my october )
And now Imma catch up on my flist.

Just noticed I forgot to to do this.

Fics posted: 0
Fics worked on: 3
Fics started: 0
Fics finished: 0
Fics I should have edited and posted a long time ago: A bunch. I AM AN IDIOT

Wordcount for the month: 37 044
(Cumulated wordcount for the year: 367 297)
Fic words: 1 287 (oops)
Original stuff: 25 837
(Projects worked on: 3)
Various stuff: 9 441
Stuff in French: 479 (!)
Most words written in a day: 2 286
Least words written in a day: 341
Average words written in a day: 1 234 (heee :easily amused)

Books read:
5 (the whole Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, for the Secret Project)
Comics read: 2 (Lady Liberty (tome 1),Demba Diop, la force des rochers)

Birthdays had: 1!

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Because it's not worth making two posts about.

July )

August )

So yeah, words were had.

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Fics posted: 2 (both for Night on Fic Mountain: Two for Joy and We built this city on rock'n'roll)
Fics worked on: 3 (4 if you count the fancomic)
Fics started: 1
Fics finished: 2 (3 if you count the fancomic)
Of which sent to beta: 1
Fics I got back from betas: 1
Fics that I should be posting or sending off to betas already or doing something with what my betas said: A LOT (I'm getting better at finishing stuff. Posting stuff, on the other hand...)

Wordcount for the month: 31 053
(Cumulated wordcount for the year: 210 477)
Fic words: 4 373
Original stuff: 11 574 (Projects worked on: 2-ish)
Various stuff: 15 106 (this is very not good, self, pull your shit together)
Stuff in French: 0 (HAHAHA)
Most words written in a day: 2 070
Least words written in a day: 622 (The only day i was under 750 words a day, but still >:( what is this self)
Average words written in a day: 1 035

Books read: 10 ("We Have Always Fought": Essays on Fiction, Craft and Fandom, 500 Ways To Tell A Better Story, The Gospel of Loki, The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, 2,000 to 10,000: How to write faster, write better and write more of what you love, The Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last Olympian, The Lost Hero) FUCK YEAH I AM READING BOOKS AGAIN
Comics read: 5 (Les Quatre de Baker Street, T5: La Succession Moriarty, Funérailles, T2: Pain In Black, Mauvais genre, Magnéto: Le Testament and Oracle, T1: la Pythie shouldn't really count because I ragequit, but still)

Exchange ran: 1 (Night on Fic Mountain, and you know what? I think I did okay.)


I feel like I should add something about drawing shit in here, but drawings drawn sounds clunky.
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Fics posted: 1 (A Rare Thing, Warehouse 13, gen)
Fics worked on: 5
Fics started: 2
Fics finished: 3
Of which sent to beta: 2 (not including A Rare Thing)
Fics I got back from betas: 2
Fics that are finished and should be with a beta right now but are not because I am an idiot: 5
Fics that need a new beta because the last one dropped off the face of the Earth months ago: 1

Wordcount for the month: 27 581
(Cumulated wordcount for the year: 179 424)
Fic words: 8 251
Original stuff: 7 647 (Projects worked on: 3)
Various stuff: 11 683
Stuff in French: 0 (hahaha oops)
Most words written in a day: 2 033
Least words written in a day: 576
Average words written in a day: 889

Books read: 1 (The Ring of Solomon)  (I don't like this, boo hiss) (no, but really, I hate it)
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April was Camp NaNoWriMo. My objective were 50k+ total (got that one, sort of) and 30k+ on the novel I'm currently writing (did not get that one).

Fics posted: 1 (Perfects and Innocents, an old fic I posted just under the wire)
Fics worked on: 4
Fics started: 1
Fics finished: 1 (maybe)
Fics I still haven't sent off to betas or done anything with even though they're done: 5 (this is a problem, especially since a bunch of them were already in this situation last month)

Wordcount for the month: 63 279
(Cumulated wordcount for the year: 151 843)
Fic words: 4 023
Original stuff: 28 778
Various stuff: 28 761 (this is also a problem, because these words aren't fiction words, so I really shouldn't count them)
Stuff in French: 1 717 (all original)
Most words written in a day: 5 032
Least words written in a day: 1 137 (the next day, lol)
Average words written in a day: 2 109

Books read: 7 (Dying Bites, Death Blows, Killing Rocks, Better Off Undead, Back From the Undead, Undead to the World and The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

Books bought: 26

Books I gave up trying to read in the time I have left and decided to OCR/make a PDF version of instead: 1

Also, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!

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The fic I wrote is Training Wheels in which America Chavez lands in 616 at the start of Young Avengers v1, but who cares about that when you could be reading the fic I got instead? It's reclaiming her star and it is AMAZING. It's a post-Young Avengers v2 fix-it for Cassie Lang and it had her being friends with Tommy and looking up to Kate and sharing a metrocard with Loki. Go. Read it. It's 6.5k of sheer brilliance.

Quick breakdown for March )

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Or: In which I try to pretend I actually did stuff over the last month

Novel first draft finished: 1 (wordcount: 68 826)
People I've sent the draft to for feedback: 7

Novel first draft started: 1 (gdit and I was so close to make it to March without being distracted too!)

Fics on WIP list at the beginning of the month: 35
Fics on WIP list at the beginning of the month: 32
Fics worked on: 9
Fics posted: 2 (One from the WIP list, one new)
For a total of: 2 327 words posted

Wordcount for the month: 25 889
(Cumulated wordcount for the year: 51 755)
Fic words: 12 069
Original stuff: 1 970 (excluding edits)
Various stuff: 11 850 (journal posts, etc)
Most words written in a day: 2 707
Least words written in a day: 0
Average words written per day: 925

Books read: 4 (Fever Season, Graveyard Dust, Sold Down the River, Die Upon A Kiss)
Books started but not finished yet: 3 (Wet Grave, The Eagle of the Ninth, Hannibal's Odyssey)

Countries moved to: 1
Ear infection gotten: 1
Ear infection cured: 0


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