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Semi final 2

"He's like the internet. In shoes!"
The folk-y remix of previous winners is pretty cool.
Aw, he's speaking French! And doing a pretty good job, too.

Serbia "In too deep": Are the people on the screen drowning? :O
Austria "Running on Air": It's the boy from Dreamworks all grown up!
F.Y.R. Macedonia "Dance Alone": Very cyberpunk-esque. Anyone else getting Blade Runner flashbacks?
Malta "Breathlessly": A traditional Eurovision ballad.
Romania "Yodel It!": Is she going to do any singing or just yodeling? She does sing! And at least it sounds different.
Netherlands "Lights and Shadows": sparkle sparkle! They sound good.
Hungary "Origo": He's singing in his own language! The stage is on fire!
Denmark "Where I Am": I like it.
Ireland "Dying to Try": He sounds twelve. So many children this year. He should have flown off at the end.
Latveria "Glory of Doom": Didn't they already send this act last year?
San Marino "Spirit of the Night": Dressed as superheroes in the intro, cool.
Croatia "My Friend": He seems sweet. I like the rock & opera mix. He has so many different voices!
Norway "Grab the Moment": With DJs straight from Mandalore!
Switzerland "Apollo": That is a very yellow dress.
Belarus "Historyja majho žyccia": They look like they're getting married. Sailor Moon hair! I love it. First Eurovision song in Belarussian!
Bulgaria "Beautiful Mess": Also a child. Love the androgynous look. It's very Kpop-esque.
Lithuania "Rain of Revolution": Meh.
Estonia "Verona": They're doing a Romeo and Juliet thing.
Israel "I Feel Alive": His shirt is not tight enough. Nice smile!

Verka: Always great. Aw, there's a Verka cosplayer in the public.
I have no idea what this dance number is about.

Finalists: Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary, Denmark, Israel, Romania, Norway, Netherlands, Austria

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Date: 2017-05-12 03:45 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] minutia_r
No, you're thinking of "All Hail Doom." I can't believe they didn't make it to the final--they were robbed!


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