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Date: 2017-06-08 10:54 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ng_moonmoth
>> Could have done with slightly less slow mo. <<

That bothered me too, for a while -- until I worked out what might be motivating it. The director has done a good job of realizing a comic book in movie form, and this could well have been her way of rendering the large close-up frames that frequently appear as part of comic book action sequences. Viewed that way, it worked well for me.

>> I would have liked Samir to be explicitly French* <<

In the storyline as it was presented in the US version, the meetup with Samir happened in the Ottoman Empire, and Samir was explicitly made out to be Turkish. In fact, the actor portraying him (at least on the basis of his name) is of Turkish heritage. Matching the ethnic backgrounds of the actors with that of the characters they portrayed seems to be a principle of the casting team, so I would expect his being Turkish to be in line with the comic book canon.

>> Also, it would be really weord for a WW1 movie set in mostly-France <<

Again in the US version, the dialogue explicitly set the portion of the front where the action took place in Belgium. And there's been a fair amount of discussion here about cultural differences between what was portrayed and actual culture in French-speaking Belgium.

Was the French version different in these regards?

>> I reccomend it and would happily watch several movies of Diana kicking ass all over history. <<

As would I. We are likely to go again with some friends who weren't available when we went last weekend.
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