Jan. 5th, 2017

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Let's start 2017 off in a positive way with a Pay It Forward meme. The first 6 people to comment (and more if I can manage it) will receive a surprise from me at some point in 2017 - anything from a book, a ticket, something home-grown or made, a postcard, absolutely any surprise! It will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy.

(If you don't like surprises and would rather have something off a wishlist and/or some warning, let me know in your comment. The goal is to make you happy.)

If you can, post this in your own journal and pay it forward. Let's do more kind and loving things for each other in 2017, without any reason other than to make each other smile and show that we think of each other.


Jan. 5th, 2017 09:03 pm
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A brief intro post, following this friending meme.

1. I'm French. Mostly this shows up when I talk about the stuff I read in French and my complete inability to wish luck on anyone.

2. I currently have a most terrible case of the Star Wars, so that's where most of my fannish energy is going these days. Both here and in general, I tend to be very into gen and plot, but I'll ship pretty much anything and everything. My favourite thing is friendship fic and I really like taking odd/ridiculous concepts and making them work.

3. I write.[archiveofourown.org profile] sevenofspade is my Ao3 username. I also write original fiction novels (sf/f).

4. I mod two fannish exchanges ([community profile] nightonficmountain and [community profile] history_exchange ). I have ideas for other fannish challenges.

5. I love history A LOT. My longest running OTP is either Hannibal Barca/Scipio Africanus (Second Punic War) or Yoko Tsuno/Khany (French comics). Currently I'm thinking a lot about the Paris Commune.

6. I like comics a lot. I use comics to mean the medium, not just superheroes, although do like those too.

7. Folklore and mythology are awesome. (I feel like I should point out upfront that I grew up with a different Arthurian tradition than the Anglophone one.)

8. I draw. I rarely post about it, but I do it daily.

Yup. That's me.


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