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 First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR y'all! I hope 2014 is awesome for you.

I got two fics for yuletide: Transverse orientation by perryvic and/or Zaganthi (I honestly have no idea what's up with the authorship of this fic) in the Lucifer (comics) fandom, a reunion fic between Elaine and Lucifer that is pretty great and a treat, The Horsewoman's Tale by skazka ([livejournal.com profile] samgrass ) in the Demon Knights fandom, a fic where Horsewoman and Ystin (+ Al Jabr) tag along with the pilgrims from Canterbury Tales while looking for a weird saint relic. You should all read it, even if you know nothing about Canterbury Tales, because I didn't, but it was utterly awesome anyway.

I wrote 6 fics, in 6 fandoms. I'll do reveals in alphabetical order of fic title since that (coincidentally) puts my main assignment first.

Fandoms are: Norse mythology/Sundown: Whispers of Raganrok, Batgirl v2, Ancient History RPF, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Demon Knights )

In total, I wrote 13 701 words of fic and almost 2k on those very same fics. (I tend to overthink things and could write many more words on these fics (up to and including full-on DVD commentary), like for all my fics, but I've already bored you enough as it is. Unless you'd like to ask me to.)
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Dear Yuletide Writer, thank you! I genuinely love all of these fandoms and would love absolutely anything you write in any of them. Seriously, I mean it. If that's all you wanted to know, fell free to stop reading right now. If, however, you'd like a better idea of my general likes and dislikes and specific prompts for specific fandoms, read on.

My previous letters are here and my ao3 account is here.

General Information )

HERE BE SPOILERS! I'm assuming you're at least as far along as I am in all of these fandoms. Let me know if that's not the case.

Demon Knights )

Fantômette )

Locke & &Key )

Lucifer (Comic) )

Tara Duncan )

Ultimate Spider-Man )

I kind of run out of steam in places there, sorry about that! But I legit love all of these, so have as much fun as you can writing, I know I'm going to love reading it ♥.


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