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1: The Doctor is a woman, FUCKING FINALLY. (I've always low-key resented 11 and 12 for not being girls every since the possibility was brought up in Eleventh Hour.)

2: I need a Bill icon. YESTERDAY.
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I can't believe people at work dragged me for wearing all black yesterday. (A) My shirt was blue -- admittedly very dark blue, but still blue. (B) I have worn this outfit several times and was not mocked before, what give? (C) Have those people met me? Is their gothdar broken???

I have managed not to bite myself today! And I'm feeling just about well enough that I should be able to go to the pool tomorrow -- where I will be wearing all black, because I am the kind of person who once held the reasoning of "how will people recognise me if I'm not wearing at least one black item of clothing?" -- if I manage to get some sleep.

SPOILERS FOR DOCTOR WHO 10.12: I am in super into any combination of Missy/Doctor/Master, especially Missy/Master what with the flirting and spoilers ). I also deeply appreciated that one shot of the Master putting on eyeliner #aesthetic
Concerning Doctor Who s9e11, Heaven Sent ).

Concerning The Librarians s1e6 and s2e4, the Apple of Discord and the Cost of Education ).

Concerning Hamilton, Act 1 ).

Concerning Fred Vargas, the French Wikipedia synopsis for L'armée furieuse ended up BLOWING MY TINY MIND when I followed the "Grande Chasse" link. It turns out that what I know as "La chasse du roi Arthur" (King Arthur's hunt) or "l'Ankou et sa charette" (the Ankou and his... cart? wheelbarrow?) depending on whether the wind blows in from inland or from the sea, is actually THE EXACT SAME THING as "The Wild Hunt". WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS WHAT THE FUCK.

Concerning this entry, I don't think any of those are terribly spoilery, except the Librarians one.

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So I wrote 1k+ of post-'Day of the Doctor' happenings (that is also a crossover with Marvel comics). It was supposed to be cracky, but then took a sharp turn into srsbzn lane. I don't think being familar with Marvel comics is necessary to read this, but it is extremely spoiler-y for 'Day of the Doctor', given that it deals with an alternate interpretation of the episode finale.

Title: Reality Warpers Anonymous
Fandom: Doctor Who, Marvel comics (616)
Characters: Wanda Maximoff, the Moment
Warnings: Chose not to use
Spoilers: for 'Day of the Doctor'
Word Count: 1151
Summary: There is a piano bar, beyond the edge of the universes, where people can meet without fear.
Author's Note: I suppose the piano bar is technically both a sort-of spoiler and additional crossover, but knowing what canon it is not needed at all. Also, the quote commonly given as either 'primum non nocere' or 'first, do no harm', is not what the Hippocratic Oath reads. First, the quote is from Epidemics (I, 5), not the Oath and second, it actually reads" ὠφελέειν, ἢ μὴ βλάπτειν" which can be translated as "to do good, or to do no harm".

Reality Warpers Anonymous )

I'm alive

Jan. 24th, 2012 12:48 pm
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I finally remembered my livejournal account password.

Brief summary of the last year and a half or so: Medschool is going meh, I've started watching Supernatural, Lost Girl, Leverage, Eternal Law, Sherlock and continued watching Doctor Who. and Torchwood. I've read dozens of books (if not more) and hundreds of fics (again, probably more). I've read comics. I've not drawn as much as I would like. I've written upwards of 30k words but have not finished more than one or two things (oops).

That's mostly it, really.

The (slightly) more detailed version )


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