Dec. 6th, 2014

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Cassie Lang's coming back to life next Wednesday!

This means if I ever want to post those fix-it fics for her death, I have to do it now. It's a good thing all I needed to do was spell-check them, right? (Yeah, they've been sitting virtually finished on my hard-drive for months. I'm very bad at the posting thing.)

The Uncertainty Principle by [ profile] sevenofspade (Young Avengers/Young Justice (Cartoon); Cassie Lang, Wally West; gen; 2 580 words)
There's no such thing as "dead" when you're a physicist. Blame Schrödinger. Cassie and Wally certainly do.
Also known as the physics!fic. In which I make a bunch of terrible physics jokes and bring thought experiments to life. This doubles as a fix-it for Wally's death in the Young Justice cartoon too. It's choose-your-own-adventure, because nothing says quantum physics like alternate state of beings all valid at the same time.

The Nameless City by [ profile] sevenofspade (Young Avengers/FF (Comics); Cassie Lang, Victor von Doom; gen; 3 101 words)
Or: "Doctor Doom and Stature's Excellent Adventure"

This is a sort-of spin-off to Strange Aeons (and together they make up the entirety so far of the The Adventures in Baby-Sitting of Victor von Doom series). Cassie and Doctor Doom team-up to restore the timeline, save her life and punch Cthulhu in the face. Features references to Lovecraft (including the title) and a Tolkien quote.

Doctor Doom being a big nerd who watches Star Trek is canon, by the way.

Spider-Man and Doctor Doom nerd out about Star Trek

So there.

(I guess I'm going to have to retire this icon, if Cassie's coming back to life.)


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