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Date: 2017-06-09 10:50 pm (UTC)
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this could well have been her way of rendering the large close-up frames that frequently appear as part of comic book action sequences

Ooh, good point!

In the French version of the movie (fyi, VOSTFR is "version originale sous-titrée français"/"original version with French subtitles"), they met up with Samir in a London pub, same as Charlie. I don't think Diana ever goes to the Ottoman Empire, actually.

the actor portraying him (at least on the basis of his name) is of Turkish heritage
Interesting that his name struck you as Turkish, because it looked pretty clearly Amazigh (Berber) to me. And indeed Saïd Taghmaoui is a Franco-Morrocan (with dual US nationality) of Chleuh origin. According to this, he sees his character as "A French Moroccan who fought with the French, ends up in Europe, hangs around, goes to London and connects with people with war experiences."

How was he made out to be Turkish in the movie?

the dialogue explicitly set the portion of the front where the action took place in Belgium.

It's possible that it was in Belgium and I missed them saying so! I assumed it was in Alsace, because the women saying they'd been enslaved spoke a Germanic language (but not German), which would fit with Alsatian. If it's in Belgium, it must have been Flemish.

a fair amount of discussion here about cultural differences between what was portrayed and actual culture in French-speaking Belgium

I would like to see this, if you have links.

Apparently there's a sequel in the works!
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