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I have a solo three weeks trip starting tomorrow, then a shorter trip with family starting almost right after. I'll probably won't be back on the internet before September, as a consequence.

Don't set anything on fire while I'm gone.
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I did my bit, everything else is out of my hands. AND NOW I CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE -- if at all possible, I am not spending (almost) every waking moment focused on a thing because then I end up dreaming of the thing at night too and NOPE.

Anyway, I have some stuff left to do before I leave for Great Britain. Like, idk, making sure I have somewhere to sleep that isn't the underside of a bridge or that I have some way to return that isn't "swim across the Channel!".

On the fandom-y side of things, I need to change the rules for History Exchange -- to my shame there is a grievous oversight there and I need to fix it and check if I need to change the rules for NoFM too -- and reveal the collection once that's done. I also have a fic I'd like to finish before I leave, which will probably be finished -- hell, maybe even two if I ever figure out how to finish that one fic about the ghost of Anakin Skywalker on Starkiller base.

Speaking of Star Wars! And Great Britain! And various other Earth-bound locations! I have decided I'll refer to places I travel to by the names of Star Wars planets, because why not. So I live in Coruscant, travel regularly to Ahch-To to Tatooine and spend several months on each of Alderaan and Pantora.

Point being. In that frame of reference, what do I call Great Britain? Or even places within Great Britain? Or any other location? (This can be very specific or vague -- I mean, Coruscant, Ahch-To and Tatooine are all in the same country.)

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The collection is live! And the fic I got is amazing!

smooth the descent (2904 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Historical RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Octavian | Augustus Caesar/Dido of Carthage
Characters: Gaius Octavian, Dido of Carthage (Ancient Roman Religion & Lore)
Additional Tags: YA Protagonist Octavian, RELEASE THE CRACK-EN!

THAT'S RIGHT SOMEBODY WROTE ME AUGUSTUS/DIDO (or Octavian/Elissa, take your pick).
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I made art!

Twice, even. One is chalk and (very limited) pastels on black paper, the other is watercolours (+ a felt tip marker) on watercolour paper. In both cases I had to fiddle a bit with digital editing: to glue together the different parts of the too-big-to-scan chalk pieces and to make the colours of the watercolour come out better.

It's for [archiveofourown.org profile] Nightsmistress / [personal profile] batman Old Kingdom series story, building the kingdom with our deviant hearts. Spoilers for Clariel.

Under a cut )
Go read the story, it's great!

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Saturday 16 [personal profile] spywindow ran Read a Book in One Sitting Day 2016. I couldn't do it then, as I was on Ahch-To, but I did it on Friday 15, during the trip to Ahch-To. (Ahch-To went great, btw.)

I read Terry Pratchett's The Last Hero.

I really enjoyed this! But I wished there'd been more women.

Okay, so first of all you need to know I'm one of the people who get literal chills when reading a really good line. This makes reading Pratchett almost a physical experience. He has a lot of really good lines. Also, I laughed and cried while reading this book. I must have been a sight.

Anyway, this book is great and I greatly enjoyed it. I'm just not sure I should have read it, under the circumstances -- it's about going out in a blaze of glory over dying slow.

"There are other stars."

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Watching the July 14 Paris fireworks on TV, I wonder if the Jedi have anything like that -- more accurately, I wonder if they have anything like the 'bal des pompiers' (firefighters' ball).

Probably not, I decide. But the clones most likely do.

Edit: I mentionned it over at [community profile] history_exchange because it'll delay reveals, but I'm out of town this week-end until Monday evening.
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Confession: For the past week or so, I have been getting home and then going to sleep pretty much right away, so I haven't read much of anything. Including DW/LJ, etc.

I have been planning my GB trip this August, by increments of about 10mn every day and did have a fairly hilarious moment where I had a map of Wales open in one window and a map of Brittany in the other and at one point got confused by which was which -- turns out Welsh and Breton placenames are even more similar than I thought!

I'm flying out August 3, btw. This is actually happening!

What did you finish reading

Surprisingly enough, after that little speech, a bunch of comics!

Here's a list (of finished arcs only), hopefully to be detailed when I am not falling asleep at my keyboard:
Year of Marvel: July
Lucifer v2 1-6
DC Comics Bomshells 1-36 (Year One)
Spider-Gwen v2 1-6
Toil and trouble 1-6
Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders 1-2
The Spire 1-8

I'm done with reading [community profile] ladybusiness . I was reading the community for media recs. I was not reading to be called a "shit garbage eater". Truthfully, I have/had other issues with the community -- and epecially the way the posters seem to consider it their private space LOL NO -- but that was the last straw. (Three strikes policy, go me! Enacting change and what not.)

I guess the above list of comics can join the following list of things I should talk about:
Le Jardin des silences
Prince of Cats
Sandman Overture
Spider-Gwen v1
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl v1
Magnus Chase and the Sword of Asgard
The Red Pyramid
Tumulte à Rome

2016 (finished)

Marie des dragons intégrale
volume 4 of Les aigles de Rome
Cixi de Troye
Star Wars Shattered Empire
Star Wars Princess Leia

I fail at booktalk.

What are you reading now

Contes et récits de l'histoire de Carthage by Jean Defrasne
Paris fais nous peur: 100 lieux du crime, de l'étrange et de l'irrationnel, by Claudine Hourcadette et Marc Lemonier

Le Déchronologue by Stéphane Beauverger: This book continues to be amazing. I read half a chapter, a whole chapter, another chapter. Given the non-linear nature of the book, that means I've gone through three completely different periods of the narrator's life.

During the first half-chapter, Villon, our narrator/protagonist has: made it to the Itza capital as a guset/prisoner, gone on THE WORST TRIP EVER (with hints that the siege of La Rochelle was even more fucked up than I thought it to be before) and learned some more about where the maravillias come from. Tbh, I thought the kid at the end was Arcadio-as-a-child due to timetravel fuckery at one point, but I guess not.

During the whole chapter, Villon had some serious talk with Sévère and Mendoza about fighting The Flying Dutchman SPOILER THE FLYING DUTCHMAN IS AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER. Also, he is absurdly in love with Sévère: "Mort de moi, je lui aurais confié ma vie, les mains liées et sa dague sur ma gorge!" ("Death of me [this is an expletive, fyi], I would have trusted her with my life, hands bound and her dagger at my throat.") Like, damn, Villon, rein it in. Also also, I really enjoy all aspects of the Villon and Mendoza relationship, be that at this point in the timeline, when Villon is ruling a floating city and Mendoza is his second-in-command despite being screamingly insane as a reslut of having crossed his own timestream or earlier when Mendoza helped Villon (and Arcadio) escape the Spanish jail in, iirc, Carthagena by conveniently losing his knife.

During the other half chapter: Villon meets Mendoza for the first time! By getting captured by Mendoza because Villon is a French pirate, Mendoza works for the Spanih crown and the year is 1640 in the Carabbeans. It's not entirely unlike Beaton's Nemesis comic.

In conclusion: This book continues to be insane in the best possible way.

Partial list of comics I am following and/or haven't caught up with, which I will add to as I remember them:
Scarlet Witch (maybe?)
The Wicked + the Divine (sort of. When I remember it exists)
Doctor Strange
Vote Loki
Detective Comics
Han Solo
Stargate Atlantis Back to Pegasus
DC Bombshells
Contest of Champions
The Beauty
New Avengers
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
The Ultimates
Batman & Robin Eternal

What are you reading next

More comics, probably. Right now I'm considering:
Black Panther

Maybe something in French, idk.


To read list )


Jul. 7th, 2016 11:03 pm
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Radio La Rue (aka the people under my window) inform me France is in final of the Euro of football. Sadly we will not have France -  Galles for the final and so my love of puns remains unsatisfied.

After asking for opinions, I ended up watching Cleverman. I was a few weeks late to the party, so I just barely caught up in time for the finale, but OMG THE FINALE WAS GREAT WHEN IS SEASON 2?! Also, I am shipping Latani/Alinta so hard.

There will be more thoughts and catching up on posts and comments and whatnots soon. Right now I need sleep -- okay, Radio La Rue has stopped cheering, I can go to bed.


Jul. 2nd, 2016 09:44 pm
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I got two fics for [community profile] everywoman !

Dearest Friend (582 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yoko Tsuno (Comics)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Khany/Yoko Tsuno
Characters: Khany, Yoko Tsuno
Additional Tags: Fairy Tales, Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

Yoko visits Khâny on Vinéa.


(And Khany's family situation is forever hilarious: her dad's an AI, her mom's younger than she is and her twin sister, Poky, is about one-fifth her age.)

My Body the Hand Grenade (2402 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Wanda Maximoff/Natasha Romanov, Pietro Maximoff & Wanda Maximoff
Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanov, Pietro Maximoff
Additional Tags: Post-Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie), Spy lessons, Flashbacks, Natasha Romanoff is a great role model, Wanda Maximoff for all the awards

SUMMARY: We are weapons of mass destruction.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Written for sevenofspade for Every Woman 2016. Set between Age of Ultron and Civil War. Title from the Hole album of the same name.

SOMEONE ELSE WROTE ME WANDA FINDING HERSELF (with a side order of Wanda/Natasha)

I'm watching Fort Boyard.

Like every time I want worldbuilding. It is such a fascinating thing to contemplate worldbuilding for, though! I think I liked it a bit better when there was less worldbuilding on the show, just "here are some immortal tiger headed people with really weird challenges WHO NEVER SPEAK" and what not. (Oh, hey, I could nominate it for yuletide. Note to self: nominate Maîtres des ténèbres, Félindra, Blanche and Rouge in "Fort Boyard" for yuletide.)

Also, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the idea for the show got pitched. "Let's refurbish a 19th century sea prison by turning each cell into a gameshow challenge, have candidates collect actual gold coins and do acrobatics in mid-air over live tigers. The tigers are not negotiable."

I edited the post I made about my Great Britain trip this August. (Short version: car no, England yes, still looking for recs.) Basically, I am learning that I know fuck-all about planning month-long trips on my own*. It's starting to take some sort of reasonable form? Maybe? Sort of?

Anyway. Anyone in Great Britain during august want to have a meet-up?

* Look, I can barely manage to motivate myself to go to the Louvre tomorrow, because I haveto go before the crowds and that means waking up early. I want to see the exhibit, but I don't wanna wake up, I am so tired lately. (I'm doing some stuff that takes a lot of time -- I get home ~9PM if I'm lucky --  plus there are emotional upheavals, it's fun times.) I don't wanna anwser that PM even though I should, I don't wanna go the Louvre even though I know I'll love it, I just wanna sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep forever but I cannot. :(

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I'll be going to the Louvre to see the Darth Vader/Hercules exhibit* at some point this week-end. Does anyone want me to look at anything for them?

With the caveat that they evacuated some of the collections due to the flood in early June and some are still closed.

* Mythes fondateurs. D’Hercule à Dark Vador ("Founding myths. From Hercules to Darth Vader") but like I was going to pass up calling it "the Darth Vader/Hercules exhibit", because how often do you get to say "Darth Vader/Hercules" and have it be even vaguely relevant? Not enough.

The fic I wrote for [community profile] jukebox_fest is:

A penny for the ferryman (1409 words) by sevenofspade
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Planet Hell - Nightwish (Song), Etruscan Mythology
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Original Female Character/Original Female Character
Characters: Original Female Character(s), Vanth (Etruscan Mythology)
Summary: There's hope beyond the horizon and the gates of the Underworld.
I like Etruscan myth and the Etruscans, but wow, is information sparse on the ground. I did my best. (I love Vanth, she is such a fascinating figure in the murals.)

The fic I wrote for [community profile] nightonficmountain is:
Three's a crowd (1115 words) by sevenofspade
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: xxxHoLic
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Doumeki Shizuka/Kunogi Himawari/Watanuki Kimihiro
Characters: Watanuki Kimihiro, Kunogi Himawari, Doumeki Shizuka
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence
Summary: The shop keeps going, and so do they.
It was one of the late pinch-hits. I think I did okay, given the givens.

(There was a mix-up with the sign-ups and I gave my assignment to one of the unfairly-recipless participants, which is why I only wrote one fic. Lesson learned: putting in place two major changes (medium types + relationships/characters) at once is a bad idea.)

My [community profile] fandomgiftbox is here. It's pretty short, because I signed up almost last minute, but if you know of anything I'd like and didn't mention, feel free to toss it in there.

I've been using Cléopâtre's Tu n'es pas en pays conquis ici! ('You have not conquered this land!') to keep anxiety at bay these past couple days. It's super effective!

(Plus it casts my anxiety as Caesar and y'all know how much I hate Caesar.)

Supposing King Arthur of the British comes back, does he over-rule Elizabeth II or does she over-rule him or is it the set-up of a comedy of manners where they attempt to co-rule the UK?


Jun. 24th, 2016 11:10 pm
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Dear UK folks,

I'm so sorry.

Dear Great Britain people,

I'm coming over in August. Do you want me to give you a hug and/or buy you a drink/icecream in person?

Dear Scotland,

Go for it, mate.
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Scarlet Witch 7 came out recently.

I don't know if I want to read it.

On the one hand: WANDA MAXIMOFF ♥!

On the other hand: issue #6 used French national tragedies in a really crass way that really soured me on it.

On the third, tentacular, hand: It doesn't matter whether I read this comic or not. Really, it doesn't! Because I, being French, do not count as a costumer for Marvel in the first place! Seriously, folks. I cannot boycott shit even when I want to, because I am not a costumer. It's really that simple. I cannot vote with my dollars, because Marvel would not have been getting my dollars anyway (or my euros).

On the fourth, robot, hand: I feel like nobody gives a single fuck how offensive Scarlet Witch #6 was. I haven't seen anyone else say anything about it. And that's fine, not everyone has to be offended by the same things! I just feel a little alone. (I suppose Marvel doesn't have to care if they lose my business.)

On the fifth hand: I don't know. I guess this makes me not a real fan.

Often when I pass the place where I've hung original artwork of Gwen Stacy on one wall facing original artwork of Wanda Maximoff on the other, I think about how cool a team-up between those two would be.

I think I need some sort of three strikes system, like "If you feel the need to vent about X more than three times, time to consider if getting rid of X in your life wouldn't be a good idea". (Not that this is always feasible, but. You know.)

MY DRAWINGS ARE TOO BIG! Seriously. I have a pastel work that's too big for my art folder. That's never happened before; usually I feel a little self-conscious about how much bigger than my works the folder is. I need a new folder.

I also need to figure out if my scanner drivers survived the recent system reboot and how to scan gigantic artwork.

I had semi-impromptu lunch with one the fandom folks today and it was lovely ♥!

We spent the entire time talking in French. I don't think I've ever spent this long speaking about fandom in French before.

In 1862, Gustave Flaubert published a novel, Salammbô, in which Hannibal Barca is a character. I haven't read it.

This is mostly because the novel is entirely straight-faced about and in part responsible for how popular the image of Carthaginians sacrificing children is -- and I am always very wary of taking the words of the victors about the habits of the people they commited genocide upon. (Flaubert, by necessity, drew only on Roman sources.)

Also, it takes place right after the First Punic War, while Hannibal is still a child -- by all accounts his role in the novel is minimal -- and I'm really more about the Second than First Punic War.

That said, I did enjoy what I saw of it in the tome 2 of the Koblenz comic (Marcher dans Carthage une nuit sans lune) -- the comic had some very pointed commentary about how purity != virginity, too, which I appreciated -- especially the veil of Tanith, that was some awesome stuff. Anyway, I have the Lone Sloane/IN SPACE adaptation of the Faluber novel by Druillet somewhere, I think, maybe I should read that.

Anyway, not only did the novel give its name to one pf my favourite Indochine song, Salombo (Hanoi 2006 orchestral version), but I recently discovered it's also given its name to a pastry.

So naturally I had to try it. It's okay. It's a lot like an eclair.

I finally signed up for fandomgiftbox.
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I have a massive headcold that means I can feel every square inch of the sinuses in my face and that's giving me a very bad case of the IDUNWANNAs so I really, really, really could have done without a last minute emergency for [community profile] nightonficmountain, but thankfully [personal profile] morbane and a most excellent pinch-hitter were there to save the day.

Speaking of [community profile] nightonficmountain!

I GOT AN AWESOME GIFT! It's Hannibal and Scipio IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! (And I know for a fact it wasn't the fandom we matched on, which means my dastardly plan to take over the world drag unsuspecting fandom people into this fandom is working, mwahahahaha.)

Orbit (1427 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Ancient History RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Scipio Africanus & Hannibal Barca
Characters: Scipio Africanus, Hannibal Barca
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Space, Worldbuilding, Questionable history and space science, Bittersweet
Summary: The meeting at Ephesus.
Exiled from Carthage, Hannibal has fled to the moon Ephe. Now as war brews between Rome and the Ephesian Empire, a Roman delegation has arrived at the capital Ephesus.

Hannibal! Scipio! IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! (I am a person of simple needs, okay.)

I need to sign-up for [community profile] fandomgiftbox AND SO DO YOU.

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So. I managed to have assignment deadline for [community profile] nightonficmountain, closing of sign-ups for [community profile] history_exchange and an major RL deadline all fall within 36 hours or so of each other. Granted, the RL deadline was externally assigned, but still. I done messed up on that front.

(For bonus hilarity points: there are outstanding pinch-hits for [community profile] nightonficmountain and I have another RL deadline on the 21 -- which is when fic reveals are due --, also externally assigned. DON'T YOU PEOPLE KNOW I HAVE AN EXCHANGE TO RUN >:[ )

No, but seriously if anyone could pick up any of the outstanding pinch-hits I'd be immensely grateful.)

I do so love having to keep track of a sport I don't follow to be able to go about my day with minimum fuss. Dodge fans going to the fanzone, dodge fans leaving the fanzone, dodge fans going to the stadium...
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Thank you for writing for me! I'm sure whatever you write me will be wonderful.

Feel free to poke around this journal or my Ao3 account (username: sevenofspade) if you want to. My letters tag is here.

I have three Do Not Wants: incest, rape and child abuse. When these are canon, please don't focus on them. I'd also prefer is you didn't dwell on any suicidal ideation or prolonged descriptions of grief. I would also prefer not to have to deal with people losing things important to them and toxic living arrangements, be that family or roomates. Thank you.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things I do want. Here’s a partial list. (I obviously don’t expect you to stick all of these in one story, that would be impossible.)

General likes )

I have a history tag, btw. I like history a lot.

Hannibal Barca + Scipio Africanus
An AU in which they're somehow on the same side (whichever). The Pun-ic War (I LIKE PUNS OK). IN SPAAAAAAAAAACE AU. Hannibal wins AU. He's a Carthaginian general sworn never to be a friend to Rome, he's a Roman general trying to avenge his father's death by Carthaginians, TOGETHER THEY FIGHT CRIME.

I ship them, but you can totally go gen or with other ships instead, idc. Hannibal/Maharbal? Yes. Aemilia/Scipio? Also there. Ditto Aemilia/Scipio/Hannibal.

Dido + Augustus
Sometimes I do that thing where I mention a crackship* and accidentally talk myself into being invested in it. Case in point. That said, I think they would have fascinating discussions about empire-building, making your way to the top and basically, statescraft in general. Is there tension because of the Aeneas and Carthage burning things? Are they bros in the afterlife?

* Where ship = any kind of relationship, not necessarily romantic.

Joan of Arc
Jeanne d'Arc is FASCINATING and I'm not just saying that because I'm French. Tell me about the voices and the visions -- how do they manifest? Are they real? (I'm okay any way you want to spin this, from delusion to God to some other sort of spirit -- I'm agnostic myself, but the framing of Joan as prophet is fascinating to me.)

I'd love an AU in which she never dies and by never I don't just mean 'survives teh pyre', I mean 'never'. Immortal Joan! Possibly ruling France!

Cornelia Africana
I am SO THERE for Cornelia being a badass and laying a political smackdown on whoever the fuck. But I am also here for something between her and her relatives, be that her daughter or her sons (the Gracchi -- I love them too, btw) or her sisters or her father (Scipio Africanus).

I'm really curious about how she felt about having a statue in the Field of Mars -- especially since she was probably the first woman in this position!

THE LAST KING OF EGYPT! I basically want to know everything about her and her rule and her super-complicated relationship with Tutmoses. Tell me about her being nine years old and suddenly having her father become king, out of nowhere! Tell me about her father raising her as his heir. Tell me about her spreading the tale of her divine birth.

Tell me about the women in her life, the other queens and princesses she had to deal with, be they dowager queens or secondary wives of her husband, or even her mother, sister and daughter.

Thank you so much for writing for me!

(Comments welcome.)
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People's requests for [community profile] history_exchange (sign-ups are open!) . I need to check each requests individually to make sure people don't game the system, but I haven't any problems so far either this year or last year. My participants are cool people.

(Also, the story I'm doing art for in WIP Big Bang -- I dropped out on the writing for that, I have too much going on. Art occupies a different space in my life than writing does, and I was going to have art in it anyway, so now it's art-for-someone instead of art-for-me. But no pressure!)


To-read list )

Also, This Divided Island: Stories from the Sri Lankan War by Samanth Subramanian, via [personal profile] brigdh .



And by "conflicted feelings", I mean: It looks awesome! But it's yet another dude getting superpowers and there's a kid getting shot in the trailer, sooooooooo idk. On the other hand, it seems like it could be a really interesting story! Also, the characters aren't quite grabbing me yet. Are there some prominent female characters? (Then again, I don't think I'm in any fit state to judge the merits of anything based on a trailer right now, so idk.)
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An actual, literal, 40k+ words novel.

I am not joking. That's what I got for [community profile] jukebox_fest . A novel. A COMPLETELY AMAZING NOVEL. More specifically, this novel:

scientia lumen vitae (41127 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Tu vas me manquer - Maître Gims (Music Video)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Original Male Character/Original Male Character
Characters: Original Male Character(s), Original Female Character(s)
Additional Tags: IN SPACE!, Clones, Far Future, Worldbuilding, Science Fiction, Developing Relationship
Summary: On the Valhallan planet named Fólkvangr, the clone Loïc Treize has been working towards a cure for Thor's Virus throughout his entire life. He is not Valhallan. He was sent there to help. He was born to help, a fact of which he is acutely aware.
Eiður is Valhallan. He is a bluff, congenial military commander in the service of the Valhallan Commonwealth, and he is Treize's new custodian. His approach is wholly new, and Treize is drawn to him despite his society's strict rules. What he wants is forbidden.
From Fólkvangr to the lumenium mines of Þruðvangr and the military installations of Treize's people on the planet Nivôse, the pair have a lot of ground to cover. And when Thor's Virus strikes hard, they have no time to lose...


The canon is Tu vas me manquer - Maître Gims (Music Video). It lasts a little over four minutes.

Whoever wrote this is a genius and I love them.

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But not actually flooded yet.

I had to take a detour, so took a slightly longer one so I could take some pictures of the water level at Pont de Bir Hakeim (the bridge from Inception).

Go look at Le Zouave du Pont de l'Alma on Twitter (https://twitter.com/zouavealma) for more pictures and some lols.
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Okay, all joking aside, I expect to be less around for a while -- not sure how long yet -- because stuff came up RL and there's striking and the heavy rains and the *gestures vaguely at France's everything*.

This shouldn't have any impact on [community profile] nightonficmountain and [community profile] history_exchange (noms open, fyi) nor, more generally, anything fannish I have a deadline for.

I am most likely going to spend about three weeks/a month in Great Britain this August.

It'll be just me.

I have no idea what I'm doing yet. I want to go Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, possibly more places, and will likely spend a couple days in London, if only to get over the massive jetlag of going from a French to British timezone. A whole hour, the horror.

I may also see some people. Both from RL and fandom -- definitely [livejournal.com profile] lunik_the_bard for sure.

I'll probably go to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, likely in the first half of the month, as apparently that's when most the shows I want to see are. But nothing's set in stone.

Literally nothing is set in stone.

I don't want to do super touristy stuff for this trip, I'm looking for more unusual stuff like stuff I wouldn't find out about if someone didn't tell me about it. But anything interesting will do. Nothing is too weird! (I will totally sleep under a bridge if that's an option.)

TL;DR: Rec me stuff to see/do in Great Britain. Assume I know nothing.

EDIT: I will not be using a car, I will also be doing England and I will basically take any recs, nevermind how touristy.


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